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Hey, so from an outsider's perspective I must seem like the Petraeus of game blogging.

I get it. I screwed up, again.

I keep finding excuses on why my activity is so polarizing that it's gotten to the point of absurdity. What it all comes down to it is simple: life.

Life keeps us away from blogging. It just happens that way. Your life is going great. (How great?) So great that you don't have time to even check your email let alone blog.

*Sigh* Heeeeeeeere we go....

So as it so happens I had gotten a full time temporary job that had the potential to turn into a full time one.***

It was awesome. I loved it. It was everything I wanted in a job and so much more. The pay was good the location was good the people (for the most part, win some lose some right?) were good and even my skills from college were a necessary asset to actually get things done. Most of all though: the job had creative aspects to it, as a result my creative drive would be drained during the day and left on empty for the evening.

So now we arrive at the heart of the situation:

Oh you… hahaha. Do I need to have a reason to just spontaneously arrive out of the bl-

Ok. No BS. I was laid off. Turns out the project at my company fell through and my company was left with their pants down (so to speak) as a result: all youngsters (this place is full of people 45 and up) had to box their things, clean their desks and skedaddle on out of the offices faster than you can say “I think your car is being towed, Tony.”

And humorously we all somehow met up at the same place, at the same time. Oh joy would you imagine my delight when I saw all my co-workers competing alongside me (not that I was expecting anything else).

Anywho, that’s it in a nutshell. Yes, it was a windy road of interesting occurrences what with my previous Flicker Effects secretly chronicling my misadventures like some sort of self-important Easter egg for random strangers to stumble upon for eons to come (no one cares I’m sure). From out-of-state motel resident, to hotel, to an actual apartment I managed to wrangle with my minimum wage job (during my stay at the death motel) the fates have decided to make my life in this new state their personal rollercoaster, and I’m starting to get sick.

In other words: times are tough for me right now BUT HEY: that doesn’t mean I should stop blogging! It is true that I used blogging as a means to combat depression (as mentioned in previous episodes of Flicker Effect) but that’s no excuse to stop when I am happy.

I may be playing “Job Hunt” yet again but I have only had brief brushes of depression in recent memory. And I’m glad! Even though I was more productive when sad it doesn’t mean it should be a prerequisite for posting more frequently.

But… enough about me. You want my brand of entertainment now that I’m back so here’s something for you:

So…. What do I have cooking up? Well I want to surprise you on the details, but here’s the breakdown: three new blog series! That’s right. These ones are weekly (Of course. What? Do you think I’m crazy?) and they are series on topics I have stressed to stay away from in the past because all the random topics I wanted to cover weren’t categorized into something I can fit on any given day.

What about Suntoid?
Also, this upcoming Suntoid I am attempting to just post up what I had intended to give you last month (yeah yeah yeah I know, recycled blog post oh noez! Relax. It’s a refined version of what you were getting but also a closing chapter on what Suntoid used to be so I only think it’s fitting that I make this upcoming Suntoid pretty interesting.

Where’s Artoid?
I’m still going to do a monthly Artoid. I value this series just as much as the others so I don’t want to just dump some irrelevant game art without any context or theme. Yes, Artoid is a collection of pictures but they have to be there to promote an artist’s homepage be it deviantart, private blog or tumblr. So there will be Artoids but they will be rather selective.

Anything Else Kwamouflage?
Hmm… well… I want to be more frequent but not for frequent’s sake but because I find myself wanting to contribute more to the zanyness that is the podtoid elite: Jim, Jon, Conrad, Hamza, Max & Tara. At the end of every episode Jim, Jon, (and now Conrad) go over what they’re up to the rest of the week. And when that occurs, my eyebrows furrow down into irritation: at myself. I am my own nagging wife this way: Why haven’t YOU something to plug? Oh ya have a blog do ya? WELL WHY AREN’TCHA POSTIN IN IT? WHAT KINDA MAN ARE YA?

There. Does that suffice?

Ugh… next time: less information about your psychological discussions.

Oh. I’m sorry I think you will all soon find that I am, heheh, fascinated with lunacy.

Well that’s it for now.

- Until Next Time D-toiders, C you later.

*For more up to date information on my misadventures please give my twitter account a follow: ((The aptly named)) @Kwamouflage.
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