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FLICKER EFFECT - Obligations Are a Necessary Reason for Procrastination

Hello. In case you are new I talked a great deal about Blogger's Procrastination (now dubbed "Blogcrastination*") and how it has infected my life in it's various forms Here. In the blog I discussed how this form of procrastination has even prevented me from registering on destructoid, thus being content as a lurker since 2009.

Continuing from that I'd like to discuss the ever existent struggle against Obligations. You know. It's that thing that exists for you to do even though it's a pain in the ass. It's the kind of chore that you know will take a mighty chunk out of your day, often with little to no reward other than knowing that you won't end up homeless, hungry, alone, or in debt. It's the task that many civilians in society pride themselves in doing, believing themselves to be something special merely for the sake of doing that said task.

This is a fallacy. Humans are fragile creatures. Our ego requires us to feel pride for the chore we are doing otherwise we lose self esteem quicker than a birthday balloon loses helium. We are feeble minded creatures and require a chunk of time to be dedicated to maintaining our cushy lifestyles.

If I were to leave the comforts of city life for the wilderness with only the essentials, a laptop, and free endless wifi would I be a happier creature? Would I blog with my heart's content, bringing you high quality content with enough frequent speed that would have you wondering where I have been all your life?

Perhaps. Perhaps that's just my ego talking (most likely), but one thing is for sure: I would also be unhappy because although I would have only obligations for the essential functions: urinate, defacate, hunt, forage, cook, eat, sleep, & hygene, I would still long for the days of comfortable city life: where simply doing small tasks that while seperate seem meaningless, add up to a greater reward than we can see from up close.

As a result, I have learned to lose the "Pie-In-The-Sky" perspective in exchange for a more realistic and healthier outlook on the important role Obligations have taken in my life.

How about you fellow Dtoiders? Do you believe in being a blog hermit? Post your response here.

New Word of the Week: Blogcrastination (n): a state of putting off a serial blogpost. It can be under the guise of life being in the way or simply "not feeling like" writing anything.
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