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Bad Company 2 Battlefield tips

Each Class has things that they are strong in. Thing is, most people have been playing mw2 (nothing against it) and that has a completely different play style. Here are some Tips depending on the class your playing. Assault: I don't have m...


Bioshock 2 problems

Okay. so i got the game for pc, been playing online and everything was running good until about three days ago when all of a sudden i experience intense lag in every single match, teleporting all over the place. None of my other online game...


Do The Wrong thing: TF2, the Spy

(taken from Anthony Burch's article on playing a spy) Today I am here to talk about evil. The evil of Valve's spy in Team Fortress two. Being a semi new player, I am often frustrated by the evil doing of a clever spy (yes, they're cleve...


Realism vs. imagination.

Is Realism always better in a video game? What led me to this question was borderlands. An as of yet unreleased game that changed its Art style midway through the game.In my opinion the realism of the game look fantastic. A bleak, barren, w...


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