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Sam and Max Season 2, Episode 3 review

No Brainer I will make this short and sweet, if you like the series so far then you will not be disappointed. I think this is the best episode of the season so far, on par with the best ones of the first (4 and 5). This time Sam and Max w...


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I have been a gamer since I had been able to hold the controller of my Father's Atari 2006, way too many years ago. From this console imprinting I have grown steadily as a Computer Gamer passing through Sinclair ZX Spectrum, C64 and most importantly the Amiga 500 (best system ever), where my love for games was fully realized, thanks in most part to Secret of Monkey Island.

After the A500 sadly became too obsolete I switched to PC, in a time where there were no 3D Graphics cards, CDs were a curious novelty and Adventure Games and RPG were popular as nowadays are FPS and RTS games. I have been a faithful PC gamer ever since, and while I'm ready to concede that PC gaming is steadily declining (unreasonable rush for expensive hardware and easy piracy the major culprits) I still find PC games more complex and entertaining than its console counterparts.

Still there are some Console games that I like as well, I have a PS2 (mostly for FFs and team ICO games) and will probably switch to a next-gen console soon (when GTA4 comes out probably) . I'm still undecided though : PS3 (Squaresoft and Metal Gear) or Xbox360 (Bioware and Bethesda) ? Time will tell ...