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About Kurai Cloudone of us since 8:52 AM on 10.04.2010

My parents bought me a nintendo 64 when I was about 6-7ish, I had no idea what it was to tell the truth. But throughout the following year it became my bestest friend and now I play video games once a day at least. In fact I think my nintendo 64 will be buried with me when I die, once a gamer always a gamer, not to mention my nintendo 64 came back from the dead after a year of randomly not powering on. After that I got a ps1 with my all time favorite game Final Fantasy 7, then eventually a gamecube, a ps2, a 360 and hopefully very soon a ps3. I LOVE MMOs (mostly warcraft when I feel like paying 15$ to give up what little life is left) shooters (can't stop playing halo) and RPGS in general (FF7).