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We're in a tight spot!

Salublations and teethings to all, my name is often Luke and sometimes kumasimc and i'm now on that perilous precipice of first bloggerdom hoping above all that by the time anyone reads these I will have honed my skill and achieved the rank of "acceptable enough to not induce massive flaming poop bags on my front porch, or whatever else that could be a metaphor for." The precipice looms. I shall begin with the teetering.

Being of the lucky generation of people who have never experienced a world without video games, and combining that with my hopeless cries of "Art, Art and more Art!", I have always believed in video games as an exciting, new and goddamn amazing form of art, which the world should, and will eventually be forced to pay attention to. I dip into this sentiment because on a whim today I hooked up the ol' Wii (cuz the GameCube was out of reach) and booted up one of my favorite of favourites, Killer7. 


I am so sad that I will never, ever play a game like this again.

When my wee little 21-year old self first played this game, it all but rearranged my very molecular structure. The cel-shading looked like Windwaker had been modded by Quentin Tarantino on an acid binge. The story was indeed very strange, but not completely indecipherable, as if Miike had written a video game while hanging out with Tarantino, all the while feeding him orange juice and telling him the walls were only moving because they were friendly and liked to dance. The characters, the anime cut-scenes, the worlds, the voice acting/robo-ghost-voices and even the strange mix of adventure, third person action, FPS, rail-shootin', and super lite RPG mechanics made me excited to be alive at that point in gaming history. Resi 4 be damned (for the record I love Resi 4 and have played damn near every incarnation of it, I'm just trying to make a point here), this was my most anticipated title of the 2005!

And the reviews mostly said "meh". 

Suda51, whose career I have enjoyed following and whose games I have all loved, has never come close to creating something anywhere near as masterful as Killer7 again. He moved towards focusing on the extremes of his style. To be fair, much of his work still holds a lot of weight, but even the man himself has called it his masterpiece. On the publishing side I'm sure it would be too risky, and too financially costly to put out something that blatantly "Cult-y" as a major release ever again.

It is sad. But I have hope.

With the rise of this little thing called indie games there has been new power given to the artists of our venerable institution. (We venerate, right?) Technology, self publishing and markets such as PSN, WiiWare and Steam (and I guess XBLA...) have given small teams the ability to try things that will push our most beloved pastime (to hell with you, baseball!) into new and exciting territory. 

But I digress. Actually, this whole post is a digression. But these are the kinds of topics I hope to focus on in more focused posts yet to come. If nothing else, consider this an introduction. And off I go.

In the name of Harman...

- "And now a reminder about leaving your radio on during the night; Leave your radio on during the night."

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