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Vane: Ain’t Got No Right


Ahhhhhhh I had impossible expectations for Vane. From its earliest tease to its final trailer everything about it seemed so mysterious and intriguing. The comparisons to Team Ico were there, sure, but this genuinely seemed like a fascinating world. The second it went live I bought it. 

First of all, let me be totally honest here. There were times where I was cursing this game. Its save points are far apart and hard to guess, the camera is a mess, there’s plenty of glitches and it’s a bit unwieldy to say the least. 

But it did turn out to be a strange beast, indeed. First some context. When the game starts, you’re presented with a ridiculously huge open world to fly through with no instructions. For the first 5-10 minutes I wasn’t sure I’d ever find anything I was supposed to. And that blew me away. 

It also blew me away when I did manage to find what I was supposed to find, and I managed put enough things together to “proceed”. This opening led to the rest of the game, which turned to more linear, interior levels. While some of these frustrated me quite a bit, I kept thinking about that first part. 

There had to be more (tho, the short length of the game could be feeding my desires here) and I know there was at least one other way to end the game. 

After looking over the trophies I am now pretty certain there are still secrets to be found. And the fact that this game gave me so much grief, and had parts that made me yell at the tv, yet I am ready to dive back in to explore is a testament to... well I don’t know what. But it’s something not many video games have. And I’m off to find it. 

Games as fun : 5/10

Games as GAMES : 5/10

Games as art : 9/10

Overall, if you’re not into weird, slow, wonky games, you’re going to hate it. If your knowledge of indie games is mostly “Limbo” “Cuphead” “Super Meat Boy”, you probably won’t like it. If you love “NaissanceE”, enjoyed “Bound” and eagerly await the newest Kitty Horrorshow jam, you might be of the right persuasion for this. It’s short, but hides secrets, frustrating yet brilliant, a walking contradiction that ain’t got no right. 

- "And now a reminder about leaving your radio on during the night; Leave your radio on during the night."

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