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PAX: It happened and I miss you already


Before I go into the splooging that will be going on in this blog, I want to give a shout out for all of you who didn't make it. As you venture through the C-Blogs and notice all of the PAX love, past and future, I want you to remember one thing: you need to find a way to come next year. Take all of these blogs as inspiration for you to come. I don't care if you only know one person on the site, we will take you in with open arms. If you haven't realized yet, Destructoid is all about community. It started with community in mind and this mindset continues to grow Destructoid into something grand.

Now let's get on to the love. To everyone I met at PAX for the first time this year: thank you for coming out. To those I've already built relationships with: it was great seeing you again. As I become more rooted into Destructoid, the more relationships I start to build. PAX for me is a great way to see all of my favorite people in one place. I didn't go to PAX for the swag, the games, or even the panels. I went for all of you lovely people. You're a great bunch of people to get to know and I'm glad to have you all in my life.

I'm going to attempt to give special shout out to some people and if I miss you, it's not because you don't mean anything to me, it's just�I was drunk. If I saw you in the mall I would recognize you and give you hugs, but don't take me not mentioning you to heart.

My roomies: Hollie (phoenix), Mike (blehman), and Chanh (Hoyegit): Thank you for being the best roommates a guy could have. We all were on one accord in that room and I think we had a blast together. It was awesome just hanging out with Mike for a extended amount of time and you're just as funny in real life as you are on the internets. Hollie, you're like my little sister and I love you with all my heart :). Chanh, you're a great friend to have. Selfless and always looking out for the greater good of the people around you. You are always welcomed any where you go. Never forget that.

The rest of the CBM crew plus associated: Dorian (DJ Duffy), Travis (Itemforty), Maurice (Professor Pew), Mandi, (midivol), Liz (Fooliz): I talk to you guys on a regular basis and I love the fact that when we get together in real life, it's like we've just saw each other yesterday. Dorian, words can't explain how awesome you are. I love hanging out with you and I'm glad you're Liz came again this year. I guess we did a good job of not turning her off to internet people. Travis, you know how I feel about you. I'm glad I got the chance to meet Andrea, she's an awesome lady and you better treat her right. I still don't understand how you got her but I'm happy for the both of you. Hurry up and marry her so I can come to Texas and drink all of your beers. Pew, I got to see you twice this year! This time was better because we got to get wasted and act dumb as hell for 4 days :). Mandi, you're adorable. I wish we had more time to get wasted together and make fun of people but it was great nonetheless. When I come out to Cali, I expect crazy times to be had. Liz, a pleasure as always to run into you. I caught up with True Blood and I have to say, the finale was a bit of a let down. Tell Ben he owes me an awesome shirt.

Failcast Crew: I'm not even going to name you bastards. We interacted, we drank, we played fighting games and it was great. Hito is still my arch enemy that I love like a brother. King, always a pleasure and I can't wait to do it again. Necros, thanks for taking the whole racist thing in stride. i know you love black people but I'll try and keep it a secret. Yashoki, how can you be so awesome in real life but somewhat of a douche on the nets? I'm glad I got the chance to meet you.

Destructoid Staff: I'm not even going to name all of your names because people should know who you are: Niero, thanks for making a great site. You are the most humble person I've ever met. As the site gets bigger and bigger, you still keep the same cool as persona and I love that about you. Don't be surprised when I show up in Miami one day. Colette, you're amazing but I'm sure you hear that all the time. Not only do you give the best hugs, you also attempt to have a conversation with everyone who comes to say hi. I have no idea how you do it but keep up the good work. Nick, it was damn awesome to meet you in person. I'll be emailing you on how to keep an awesome marriage going while still playing a shit ton of games. Dale, most chill dude on the staff? I'm going to go ahead and say yes. Samit, thank you for letting me eat your birthday candle. It was quite possibly the greatest tasting thing I had that hour. Grim, I'm so glad I got the chance to put a face with all those damn high scores on my XBLA leaderboards. You're usually on top of all of them and I've thought about taking you of my friend's list so I could have a chance. I haven't yet :). Rey, I know..I'm not green. Maybe next year? Keep doing your thing buddy and when you get rich and famous, make that green thing happen for me. Stella, you are an awesome person to be around. When people are around you, they don't have a choice in the matter; they will be smiling because you just ooze happiness. Dyson, man�you are just awesome and amazing at the same time. Any party with you there is a great time. Our drunk conversations rank up there with the best times I've had drunk ever. Do you take coupon? Hamza, we got to spend some good quality time together and I'm grateful for that. You are a shark and if I wasn't getting married I would suck your dick. Ben PerLee, you are the master of story time. I could sit down and listen to stories from you for hours :). Chad, I guess I could say that you're amazing but you know, I don't want to be that game. You're a spectacular human being that suffers the same fate that Stella does: people have no choice but to be happy around you. You should clone yourself so I can have one of you in Florida. Will, best forum leader/moderator ever. You might catch some heat from the trolls but keep doing your thing. Haters are going to hate.

Man, so this is harder than I though. I want to thank everyone who I interacted with at PAX. I just can't! There was like 100 of you there! Solgrim, it was great meeting you in person. You are a smooth dude and I'm totally going to make your Superman game a reality. Yes, I was drunk but I remember every detail. Funktastic is going to be my new collection buddy. I know you have the hookup so expect some emails from me in the near future. Excremento aka Ex, it was damn good times seeing and talking to you in person. I'm glad you had the chance in between the family stuff to hangout. I know this was your one vacation of the year and I'm glad you spent some of that precious time with us. Tiff, you crack me up and you know exactly what I'm talking about. And if you don't�we'll talk about that later. Ghost, I think I learned more from you in one sitting than I did in all of college. Hurry up and become a famous doctor already! LostCrichton, my brother from another mother. We need to tag team the dress up portion of PAX next year. Just saying.

Dammit..this is going on way to long.

Gandy, Bunny, Halfie, Mikey, Chooly, Simmy: I would. Always and forever. You guys are part of the early to arrive and last to leave crew. Thank you for giving me someone to hangout with at those times :).

Okay, I'm done. Husky, Zen, Popa, Coon, Maya, AnonymousNoob, WalkYourPath, Marques, Senisan, SonicBoom, Dex, Mamadonna, Kyle, Aerox, Taxtix, Knives, AgentMoo, Garison, Drew, ScottyG, Storyr, UncleMilkShake, Wardrox, Nintendoll, Analoge, ShadokatRegn�damn there is way to many of you. Yell at me in the comments if I left you off. I know I did and I'm sorry for that. You guys make me extremely happy to be part of this community. If we talked at PAX, you are in my mind forever. I never hugged so many strangers at one time in my life! I tried to make it my goal to talk to at least everyone once and if we didn't talk: let me know, I'll fix that.

Until we meet again�.

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