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It's almost PAX TIME!!!


Around this time last year I was getting ready for PAX. I was excited about going to Seattle and playing games before the game out to the general public. This year, however, is totally different. My excitement no longer stems from the chance of playing debugs builds of various games, but the chance to be reunited with my extended family for a weekend.

If you've never had the chance to hangout with anyone from this community, you might not understand the excitement flowing through Destructoid over the next few weeks. Imagine having a group of friends who you talk to on a near daily basis and never having the opportunity to hang out with them. Then for one glorious weekend, you get the chance to just wild out. With no obligations except for one: enjoy yourself.

I made this video after last years extravaganza because I could not put into words how much I missed everyone. This time next week I'll be in Seattle once again having a great time and wishing some of our fallen soldiers could have made it as well. If you do come to PAX this year, make sure you come say hi to me. I love meeting users in the community and I'm sure we'll have some crazy stories to talk about. I'll be the black guy with the Superman bag.

Until next week.....
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