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The Music of Castle Crashers: All in one place


Fan made cover art, not by me.

I was browsing the C-Blogs when I found this. The finding of a blog post which linked me to a website that linked me to the music of Castle Crashers was amazing! I also found the whole mess of downloading each song individually and re-naming them to be extremely tedious and that it was taking time away from my crashing of castles.

I googled a random file sharing website, renamed all of the files and assigned track numbers to them, then uploaded them for you to download all in one place. Enjoy?

Castle Crashers Tunes

Edit: Here's the Barbarian War tune. Thanks Sharpless.

Here's all of the songs in the order that I put them in:

1. Castle Crashers Main Theme
2. Blacksmith/Shop
3. Arena Theme
4. Online Menu
5. Forest Entrance
6. Thieves Forest
7. Forest Troll Boss/Painter Boss
8. Abandoned Mill Chase
9. Cave Song
10. Wedding Crash Hallway/Flowery Field/Industrial Castle Interior/Full Moon
11. Industrial Castle Exterior/Snow Level
12. Parade/Tall Grass Field
13. Lava World
14. Pirate Ship
15. Desert Stage
16. Marsh
17. Ice Castle/Industrial Boss
18. Flying Black Knight (Necromancer)
19. End of Level

(Hit me up with an Xbox Live invite if you ever need someone to play with. I also hate every free file sharing site ever, ever. If anyone has any suggestions on where I could go to make this easier please tell me.)
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