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An Interview/Review of The Tick (SNES) by The Tick


The Tick: My God, look at this sexy hunk of a man. Go ahead, Iíll let it sink in for a minute. Observe the way the spandex wraps around my firm butt, my chiseled pecks, and my iron hard ABS. Yes, any super model with her salt would be lucky to get to take a swing at this hunk. Oh, are we rolling? Uh, hello denizens of the internet! I am THE TICK! Be sure to write that out in all capitals for the benefit of the readers, Mr. Recorderoverthere. Ah, yes, why am I here again?

Me: To give us your opinion on your video game for the Super Nintendo.

The Tick: Ah yes, my VIDEO GAME! Possibly the greatest VIDEO GAME ever created. Most importantly because it stars me THE TICK! Remember recording man, all capitals. Where were we?

Me: Greatest game ever created.

The Tick: Ah right, this is truth in her most pure form! This video game allows you, the internet, to take control of tiny pixelated perfection, in the form of me, THE TICK! I shouldnít have to say it as this point, should I Captain Taperecorder? In this game you fight ninja, pirates, whatever! You fight things! You can use my signature punch and kick moves, and if you succeed, Iíll use my trademark battle cry. Allow me to demonstrate.

-The Tick stands up and takes a very deep breath-


Me: That was wonderful, really, but can we get back to the review?

The Tick: There is never not a time for excellence Senor Recordenstar. When the iron claws of lady justice dig deep into your shoulders itís impossible to ignore her call! The pure rush of heroic adrenaline you feel when a generic bad guy is trampled underneath your foot makes the job worth it. Do you guys have any cookies?

Me: After the interview.

The Tick: Right, the interview. What are we talking about again?

Me: Your game for the Super Nintendo! Jesus..

The Tick: Now hold on a minute there, there is no reason to get upset. Hey, is that cookies I smell?

-The Tick gets up and leaves the room-

Me: I guess thatís a wrap.

-The Tick reenters the room-

The Tick: These cookies are delicious!
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