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The gamer ADD is setting in slowly


I've been slowly but surely moving along in Kingdom II, but as always as I get more and more invovled with a game, I become more easily distracted! The culprit this time is Kingdom Birth By Sleep.

The good thing about my BBS distraction is that the only way I can play it is by borrowing my boyfriend's PSP whenever we have some idle time together. The bad thing is that the longer I spend playing other games and not completing KH2, the longer it will be before I can get back to Arkham Asylum!

The reason I opted to focus on KH2 is that Batman is much easier to drop for a while and swing back into later, while the other...not so much. I'm about 30 hours in, and I think that puts me about halfway. Since I want to have full completion of the game, including beating Sephiroth, I think I set my total time to what, about 64 hours? I suppose I'm not doing all that bad!

For a five year old game, I think KH2 holds up really well. I can't give it TOO MANY props, because really, Prince of Sands of Time really surprised me wit
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I now currently write news articles and such for Tomopop! Yaaaay.

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