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My progess and impressions: KHII Style

So I've been playing Kingdom Hearts II for maybe a week or so now, and I am a good 12 hours and 24 minutes into the game (last I checked). This is huge, I didn't think I'd actually get past the first annoying hump of the game, much less over 12 hours into it. With that, I believe I am about a fifth of the way through, as far as total game time goes. I know the game is supposed to be about 45 hours or so, but I want to beat Sephiroth, so I'll have to grind harder.

When I play games, I like to do so as completely as possible. This means I tend to work on all the side quests, beat all the side bosses, all that good stuff. This is part of the reason why I never seem to have enough time to invest in said games, or why I tend to not even finish them at all. It's really daunting to pick up a game and know that I have to invest at least 60 hours of my time into it.

Now, for my impressions and whatnot.

I am really enjoying the flow of the game. While I was playing the first KH game, I only really got bored towards the end, during the "endgame" stage as I call it, when I only really had maybe 1 or 2 stages to go to finish the whole story, but I wanted to go back and get all of the puppies, beat all the bosses in the Colusseum, get all the trinity stamps, etc. That destroyed the flow of the game when I played it, and I actually didn't even finish it because I couldn't get every single thing done. I know what happens, but I didn't finish the last stage.

As far as KH2 though, I managed to keep myself way out of the loop, and came into the game not knowing anything about it (except that it has the horrible prologue that I had to start four times before I actually pushed through to get to the rest of the game). It's because this was such a put-off that I am surprised I've gotten this far, anyhow.

I'm really happy that the game holds up as well as it does, and another thing that really impressed me: whenever I change Sora into one of his other forms, and he jumps into a cutscene, he still appears to be in that form (with the different color outfit, etc). I always appreciate that kind of detail, and of course it goes without saying that the soundtrack is also great.

As I get further along, I'll probably write again and share what my continued impressions of the game are, because it has become really exciting for me. I like a lot of things about KH2 that are in complete contrast to the way the first game played, especially that it doesn't look like I'm going to be revisiting the other worlds to look for random little chests and mickey symbols to get 100% completion.
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