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I found my PSP at long last!

Between the site upgrade/mishaps/downgrade and being productive (or something) - oh yeah, and forgetting my password on Dtoid (cause I'm a noob), I haven't had much of a chance to post on here as of late.

I suppose that should change, right? Here's a brief update on what's been going on with me:

After YEARS of searching, and I mean YEARS (at least 4) I finally found my long-lost PSP. I'd been searching in my room for so long, and all this time it was inside what initially looks like a CD album, but is really an ultra bulky PSP case with space for games/charger/accessories. I always overlooked it thinking it was a CD album of some sort, until a couple weeks ago when I was doing some more heavy "Spring Cleaning" and I actually picked it up to see what was inside. Yeah, I know. Lots of /facepalm happened.

Now that I have it back though, I'm really happy I can finally play some games I've missed out on! It wasn't until recently that I've been wanting to play some stuff on it, but not badly enough to consider purchasing another one, you know? My games right now are LittleBigPlanet PSP version and Guardian's Crusade (anyone remember that game from PS1?)

About Guardian's Crusade: I remember playing that game back in the day, and I have fond memories of it. I played that along with Monkey Island and other RPG/adventure games - so maybe it wasn't that great of a game and it just got lost in the storm with all those other types, but I'm about to find out soon how well it holds up! I would like to believe that my fond memories will stay that way.

Another good thing about finally finding my PSP is that now my boyfriend could show me a bunch of games without losing access to his own portable. I was playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep on his system until I found mine - so he transferred my save file and I can now play it whenever I like. I have to admit though, ever since then I haven't played it again. I've also not made too much more progess on Kingdom Hearts II.

I get distracted from games too easily. I've also been really busy lately.

I need more hours in the day! (Or a ONE steady job, rather than like three part time jobs that I'm juggling right now)

(that last image ganked from Jobi Wan Kenobi on DA)
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