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DCGG: Tutorials Rant

If there's one thing that really turns me off to certain games - without fail - is a bad tutorial. I don't even mean bad in the sense that it doesn't explain the mechanics properly, I mean bad like, I don't want to friggen know it's there.

Final Fantasy tutorials have this habit of being "in your face" and wasting hours of your time. I really like FF games; don't get me wrong, I've played them all to some extent. I haven't played through Final Fantasy XIII, though, only because the tutorial process is a cumbersome 20 hour commitment that I don't want to waste my life with. Why does Square do this?

They did something similar with Kingdom Hearts II as well. I started playing that game at least 4 times, getting no further along than 1 or 2 hours because of the weird beginning with Roxas tutorial mode. Recently, I noticed I had a lot of games backed up that I've been meaning to play, and I now actually have time to play them! So I took a little break from Batman to start Kingdom Hearts II again, and I am now a good seven and a half hours in. You should be proud!

I wish tutorials were usually more like the kind in Batman: Arkham Asylum. I like the way it just shows you what you need to do at the moment you need it, without stopping the flow of the game to give you a rundown. If more games had tutorials like this, my life would be so much easier. Of course, I understand that games as complex as FF types which involve a lot of customization, menus and so-forth would call for a more sophisticated tutorial; I just would prefer all of the FF games to have it, like say, Final Fantasy VIII which as I remember gave you the choice to skip the tutorial from the beginning of the thing. It's nice to have a choice. If I remember correctly, XII also made tutorials optional (beyond the very first 20 minutes or so in combat skill and whatever).

I don't think a lot of other games have such a stupid process. All the Zelda games I've played just have a quick little dialogue box telling you what to do when the moment arises. The Mario games I can remember just had signs posted with directions, if anything. Maybe this post is just a complaint about Square games and how they suck at tutorials.

Ah, well.

End rant.

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