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DCGG: Moving on (short post)

As a quick note, that DCGG is a shortened version of my series title "Diary of the Casual Girl Gamer". It looks nicer than typing out the entire thing, and the series will change soon - I'll explain why.

So I finally got around to starting Batman: Arkham Asylum, now that I've got the time. Currently, I've had two sit-downs with it and I'm about 5% through. I've already realized very quickly that the game has a hell of a lot of content! This makes me happy...because if I want to take a break from the story for a while, I've got plenty of Riddler challenges, or outside of the story-mode itself I can actually play challenge mode or look at trophes and achievements. The controls are good in my book, too. Actually, speaking of achievements, I should look at the list so I don't miss out on any (might help!). Really, I like to play RPGs as completely as possible and unlock everything. Also, I kinda like being able to switch on the 3D when I'm feeling like quite the cool kid.

As I thought I might, I've found myself with more time on my hands. It isn't just my boyfriend, but most of my friends have gotten busy with school back in and still keeping jobs; so the time I previously allocated to getting out of the house is now being used to go out and shoot pictures and whatnot, or I write stuff on Tomopop. I found out I have another week or so to wait for the respose on movie blogger, and I got hired to update a local photog's blog for compensation (for the win!). Eventually, I would like to put up my own site with my work and pro/personal blog (meaning, I'll be looking for help soon from someone who can write php!! Cause I really stink at that...). In the meanwhile, I spend my free time watching movies or now sitting down and playing me some Batman.

/end excited post!

p.s. Since I'm phasing further away from 'casual' status with the amount of time I spend gaming, this series will go on break to make way for a newer set in my Gamer Diary. As such, I am accepting ideas for the new series' name! Please comment with your idea if you've got one. Rather than titling all my posts with the new name, I am also heavily considering the title as a header for my blog here. I am preparing artwork for it, but yeah. Feedback greatly appreciated~
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My name is Kristina and I love my boyfriend <3.

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Let's see... I'm into photography and I'm an aspiring travel journalist. For now, I'm trying to get my name out there in other fields that I can write about..like movies and games. I consider myself more of a casual gamer, but I am an opinionated casual gamer. My favorite kinds of games are RPGs or puzzle games (like Final Fantasy serie, Monkey Island games (or Zakk and Wiki), Prince of Persia, you know...that kind of stuff). I also get really excited when I get to beta test. I got really excited when I beta tested Hello Kitty Online. Hey, don't look at me like that.

I now currently write news articles and such for Tomopop! Yaaaay.

I've recently participated in StarCraft II beta test and currently test FFXIV. Although, I'm not supposed to tell you that. I think I'll be OK, though.

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