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About time I said hello...

So like it says I thought it's about time I said hello properly to you all since I've been running my mouth off for a few weeks now in the comments.

-My name is Kris as is my handle, what can I say, I'm lazy like that.
-I'm 25 and work at a car dealership which is alright I guess, pays the bills at least.
-I live with my girlfriend Kelly who isn't a gamer but she does try (Well she likes Crash Bash and Tomb Raider!)
-Very proud Scotsman but I hate living here.
-Love music, films, reading and TV when I'm not gaming
-DBZ, Akira, Lost, Heroes, Star Wars, Comics and Serenity/Firefly are SOME of my geek interests :P

So I got my first console aged 5/6 when my brother and I got a NES for Xmas with the classic Mario Bros/Duck Hunt cartridge and the beautiful orange gun! I'm struggling to remember all I played but TMNT sticks in my head,as does Metroid and Mega-Man. Mario 3 was my favourite game at the time and is still one of them to this day.

My NES was very good to me and brought me many enjoyable hours of gaming, but alas it was time to move on. I'm pretty sure it was the SNES next or it could have been the Megadrive, either way I had arrived at 16 bit gaming.

The rest is pretty much standard, going through N64, Playstation, PS2, Xbox and somewhere in between discovering the joy/despair of PC gaming.

So that takes us up to pretty much the current gen which brings mixed feeling too. I've just had my second RROD on my 360, sold my wii because I hated it and I haven't got a PS3 yet due to the price. Despite the lows of this gen, the games have been phenomenal and seem to be getting better.
So for that reason I will be getting a new 360 asap, a PS3 for my birthday in March - just in time for God of War 3 - and MAYBE a wii at some point next year.

Some of my favourite games are on your right, I am a bit of a waster though so I forget quite a bit, you'll get the gist of my taste though.

I'm looking forward to too many games but some notable mentions are The Old Republic, Modern Warfare 2, Brutal Legend and randomly, Mini Ninjas.

Cheers for reading, hope that was an alright intro
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