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About Kreyg Done of us since 2:03 AM on 10.13.2009

Hello everyone that is taking the time to read this! I am Kreyg, I run my own gaming blog, Hot Blooded Gaming. I have been a gamer since I was 4 years old. Ever since the original NES I�ve held controllers in my hands. I feel as I grew up, the games grew with me, which has been an awesome experience. Gaming has been a big part of my life. Video game characters like Solid Snake have inspired me to try and always go the distance and never give up. While people say video games are bad, they have inspired me in good ways and taught me to never quit.

If you ever want to talk about games, feel free to contact me, I love a good discussion or even a good debate(no fanboys, you're impossible to talk to)

Some favorite games:
Metal Gear Solid 1 & 4, Halo: CE, GTA Vice City, Fallout 3, Super Mario Brothers 1 & 3, Mafia 2 because of obvious reasons..cough 50 Playboy Pictures cough...

Some favorite genres:
First Person Shooters, Sandbox, Side Scrollers

Some favorite music:
Michael Angelo Batio, Metallica, Jimi Hendrix, Iron Maiden

Some favorite sites:
Hot Blooded Gaming, Destructoid, Kotaku, Justin.tv