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Orange Juice Horror [NVGR]

Okay, so I went to the juice store about an hour ago and they were out of �Lots Of Pulp� Tropicana Orange Juice, so I had to get �Some Pulp� orange juice instead. I mean, even the �Lots of Pulp� doesn�t really have enough pulp in it...


Second Life: A Study

For my freshman year English class at Drexel University this past year, I was tasked with writing a case study detailing a problem surrounding one of six topics and providing possible solutions for it. I chose to write about Second Life and...


Games Time Has Lost Completely

I was reading Rev. Anthony's "Games Time Forgot" and it got me thinking. The games he writes about may have been forgotten by time, but they haven't been lost completely. Somebody remembers them - if they didn't, Anthony wouldn't be writing...


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