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Sometimes I forget I have a Wii

As open as that title leaves me to get busted on, it's true. I see a lot of people around the net proclaiming their love for all things Wii. For me though, I find myself not turning it on for weeks at a time. Don't get me wrong, I'm exci...


WoW addict ends up in jail

So according to Kotaku, this stunning beauty is the most recent MMORPG addict to take her gaming "life" a little bit too far. Turns out she flew from Australia to the US to take her 17 year old World of Warcraft boyfriend home with her. ...


The worst video game box art

Web sites do these all the time, but it's always fun to see just how many bad covers made it onto the shelves over the years. Over at, they actually have a fairly decent list of the worst video game box art of all time. Most of t...


Wii-itis? Sounds like fun.

Coming as no surprise to anyone, there was a report from ABC 3 the other day that Wiis are causing kids pain and discomfort. And not just from the console's lackluster library of games either. Check the article here In the story, some m...


Bayou Billy, how I loathe thee's/Pictures/NESGameCovers/A/Adventures%20of%20Bayou%20Billy.jpg Have you ever played a game that made you so angry, the only thing that could suppress your rage was smashing the holy hell out of your N...


The most ridiculous game premises

So has a list of the 12 most absurd video games ever. Check it out here (apparently this link doesn't want to work. Just check out the main page) Honestly, aren't all games absurd? I mean, what makes shooting alie...


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I can't say I'm a fanboy of anything in particular, just love games in general. With the insane amount of time I waste researching and reading about games, hopefully I can pass on some of what I learn to the faithful D-toid community.

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