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Why a True 10 Point score will always be hated

But should be preserved, none-the-less. Let me talk about why the 10 score point system will never make everyone happy, or even most happy. • It starts off with the fact that most serious gamers are young (10 years to mid 20s-ish) and are...


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The world's a pretty nice place, really. It's got sunshine and it's got rivers and it's got clouds. Rather nice.
The world also has Ebola and Dengue Fever and Malaria. Think about that for a while.

But the world also has video games - which are nice. Unless you've got Ebola. Then video games are of no use to you. You've got Ebola, you see. For those without Ebola (raise your hands), video games can help you forget that there ARE people with Ebola. So that's good.

So the world's good - if you live in a developed nation and have money. Otherwise it's pretty bad. Someone I once knew (or maybe I didn't know them at all), had a saying - "Life is like a sack of potatoes - you just keep getting beaten with it until you die". So that's unpleasant. Being beaten. With a Sack of Potatoes. Not a popular sport I gather.

Thankfully, I've never been beaten with a sack of potatoes. If you're reading this, you probably haven't been either. Is that a good thing? For you or the potatoes?

Do I think about Potatoes a lot? No. I wouldn't say I do. Do you? You probably don't. Unless you're an Irish man. In that case, you probably think about potatoes a lot. In fact, too much. Please hold on while I make a few calls


"Hello, my name is sebastian buckminster-fuller cartwright Korolev, the Senior. I have an Irishman here, who apparently thinks about potatoes. All the time. In fact, too much of the time. I fear he might pose a threat to public sanitation. Especially if he gets a hold of some potatoes. Do see what you can do"

"What the hell are you -" *CLICK*

Ah there we are. No need to worry now. No potatoes where you're going. So please, do sit down and play some video-games. It'll take your mind off Ebola.

And do mind the Potatoes.