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Stellaris - Space Otters

Paradox do not mess about when they say Grand Strategy. Famous for Crusader Kings, and Europa Universalis, the studio has a reputation for making strategy games on a frankly colossal scale of complexity a...


Hyper Light Drifter - Astounding

I'm writing this having just beaten Hyper Light Drifter for the second time. That's the review if you like. I played it twice in three days because it's that good. Go away and get it if you know what's good for you. Hyp...


Conquest of Elysium 4 - Review

Conquest of Elysium 4 is an awkward, frustrating, ugly experience with too many layers and not enough guidance to pry them apart. It's also a charming strategy roguelike with a complicated set of systems that t...


Jotun - Impress the Gods

Some games promise a great adventure as soon as the introduction rolls. Jotun looks appealing even pre-purchase, with its vibrant promotional material and refreshing premise. It stars Thora, a young viking wa...


Kingdom - Review

I bought Kingdom while I was waiting for another game to work through some server maintenance issues. Not only that, whilst waiting on a game I was bouncing off the walls excited to dive into. I had been made aware of Kingdom just a few day...


Endless Legend - Shadows Review

Like a harsh Aurigan winter, the last DLC offering for Endless Legend left me feeling cold. Guardians was fine. Just that really. The extra content was nice but the asymmetry and depth found in the base game just wasn't ther...


Subnautica and Risk/Reward

I bought Subnautica as a challenge for myself. See, I'm fucking terrified of the ocean, the deep sea. I just can't shake this primal fear of things in the gloom, writhing, slithering, grasping. When I see photos of divers sw...


The Consuming Shadow: Review

i thought about doing this review without any punctuation as a cute joke but then I changed my mind cause look its already annoying you isnt it its difficult to read dont you think wouldnt you hate it if the whole thing was like this you w...


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