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The problem with PC Gamers!


Personally i have no problem with pc games, i would play them but tbh i dont want to have to buy a new piece of hardware every couple of months cos that hip new game wont run on the one i got 3 months back.
Ok so i "may" be over exaggerating a little bit but you got to admit sometimes in pc gaming it feels like ur fighting a loosing battle.
But what really grinds my gears with pc gamers is the cocky attitude a majority of them have. Now i work in retail, and selling pc games i have to ask the same question to every customer.

"Have you checked the specs to see if this game will run on your pc."

now to most 'normal' people this is just a simple yes or no question, yes sire i did check the specs and it will run fine on my pc.

I however dont need smug fucking twats making a stupid outward snorting noise following by "Oh i've got a geforce 8873617530000 GTXRZ, id be surprised if it wouldnt even run it on the highest settings.

seriously, 80% of the pc customers i ask that question to reply with a smug comment about how great their pc is and how new it is. Get a fucking life, i dont care, pc's suck, buy a console at least then you dont even have to think 'is this game gonna run on my machine'

eugh i dunno, it just really gets to me i guess. look if your a pc gamer no offence but dont come into my store and brag about ur virtual dick extension, just nod and say yes, im only asking cos if the game dont run on ur so called 'epic' machine you cant return it to my store.

Also, Cocks!
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