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-=Fanboy Friday: The Intro Edition=-

So here we go, i wanted to start a new weekly article that i will try and publish every friday but i cant predict how much subject material i can get on this topic. I'll start off by explaining what Fanboy Friday's are all about. Well ...


Mario Likes it Doggy style ;)

While scanning youtube i decided to search for a few gameplay vids of the upcomming Supoer Mario Galaxy. First impressions of the vid i posted are, wow that game looks rele nice, cnt wait to get my hands on this game. But then i noticed s...


Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland!

OK, so i checked my email box last night, and buried among community emails and trash was the nintendo newsletter. Now this game kinda crept up on me, but still seen as i have an R4 i cant rele loose can i. watch out for first impressions...


Want a Job in the Gaming Industry

While browsing for a job on the old google, i stumbled across this little event happening soon. Hell im gonna take a trip down there, see if i can get my mits on anything. Its the London Game Career Fair happening in no other than,, yep ...


Can anyone tell me if this is any good?

So after my night of fun with tv being killed by my ps3 ive been doing some research on tvs. This is the one i have found and i like I just want to know if anyone thinks either the spec sounds good or even has experience with this tv. ...


My tv BLEW UP!!! (Possibly killed my ps3 :S) UPDATE

Well as a little update to myprevious post i can declare that i found out the sole cause as to why my tv died. Twas my amazing PS3. I just got another tv. tested out everything that was plugged into my old one and that could have been damag...


My tv BLEW UP!!! (Possibly killed my ps3 :S)

K so, im sitting there, watching tv while my ps3 is downloading the latest 1.92 firmware, nice as i like, and the tv just dies. So i decide to go unplug it, let it cool down. As i plug it back in and turn it back on my scart box starts sh...


Should i mod it?

Well the point is, im interested in modding my Wii. I already own an R4 for my DS and its great cos i can just access game when and where i want. I dont wanna Mod my 360, dont rele have a reason just dont. and i dont wanna mod my ps3 cos if...


Playstation 3 Home.

Basically just wondering if anyone has any idea of an exact date the European Beta for Home is gonna start. I've been checking the Site[/url regularly but nothing seems to change. I was on the understanding that the trail would start in a...


What does Exclusive mean to you?!

In the words of a quite famous "Ron Workman" "Look, i drink....." so thats why this post might suck a bit and there might be a few typos ;) It has come to my recent attention that Exclusive doesnt mean what it used to in the gaming indust...


*Edit* This game is going to be fucking HUGE!!!

Of course im talking about haze. I think im more excited bout this than i was about getting my ps3. Yes its about time ps3 users had a really good game to look forward to. Ok its not a true ps3 exclusive but its out on the ps3 and boy does...


Sixaxis + "Touchsense"

I was trying to riffle through some of the crap on google because i was looking for some info on the release date of the sixaxis having some sort of rumble feature. But anyways i found this article talking about something called "Touchsense...


I just don't getz it?!?

I just don't, I can't get my head around the fact as to why so many people are willing to pull down their pants and savagely fuck this game up the ass. Don't get me wrong, i've played this game quite alot, single player mode, online and o...


Pirates of the MEH?!?!

Like all good movies that get the trilogy treatment comes the extra special online treatment. We had it with the infamous films like Star Wars, Matrix and of course the newly released, hyped and butt fucked LOTR online. Now my friends Disne...


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Hey I'm Koopa, I'm 21 and i live eat and breathe video games.
I'm in the 2nd year of Uni studying Record Production.
I work in retail and it's the best job i've ever had.

Top 10 Favorite Games:

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It doesnt take much to piss me off, but im a loveable guy. My aim in life is to own every console from each Gen. so for the current gen im set.
I love to take life easy and play video games.