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Square-Enix Announce GamesCom playables!

With the rapid approach of the Leipzig GamesCom approaching, certain publishers are announcing details of what they are going to have on show during the event. A few days ago Square-Enix announced a few of the titles that will be playab...


Red Faction Guerrilla Gameplay Vid!!

So i was looking for some fresh new vids today and i stumbled upon this dev diary of the new Red faction game. However it is a nice dev diary that features a ton of actual gameplay footage and also quite a bit of useful info from the deve...


So Bioshock is a triolgy now.

While this may be good news to some it may also be the worst to others, what was one day classed as being an art amongst video games is now confirmed to be pillaged of all its morale integrity. Whilst I'm a huge fan of Bioshock, i'm very ...


Haze review and impressions!

So today Haze was released in the UK and after a few disappointing reviews i still decided to stick with my guns and buy the game anyways. Ive been following Haze since it was pretty much announced, from the start i was excited by what th...


If you love it, change it: Fable

For a few months now i've been sitting around and questioning, what topic shall i choose for the monthly musings. However in most cases by the time i got round to writing my idea someone else had either stolen my idea or the month was ove...


The problem with PC Gamers!

Personally i have no problem with pc games, i would play them but tbh i dont want to have to buy a new piece of hardware every couple of months cos that hip new game wont run on the one i got 3 months back. Ok so i "may" be over exaggerat...


GTA IV CONTEST: Winners Announced!

Ok so after a long time getting the ball rolling we had a great number of entries, as always sadly not everyone can win so we have the list in order from the first correct answer to the 10th person to get it right. As everyone gathered the...


GTA IV CONTEST: Win gamerpics + 500MSpoints!

So few of you may have seen one of my older posts where i showed u the pre order packs from gta iv. These include exclusive GTA gamer pics and 500MSpoints. So i have 10 up for grabs and its a simple competition. However thos who specified t...


Wii Fit: First Impressions

So i went to pick up wii fit this morning and after a few hours hanging around at work i decided to come home and test it out. So i get the board out the box and set it up and start away. At first you will set up your profile and do a few...


GTA IV pre-order pack

So i picked up my pre-order pack today for GTA IV, this is the one with the exclusive gamerpics and the 500MSpoints Heres a few pics and a little sneak details on some upcoming DLC. couldnt rotate as im not at my pc right now


RUMORTOID: Europe Rock Band gets re-priced!

Well its a rumor at the moment but word on the street is a slightly unexpected statement from EA is meant to be announced tomorrow which will be the re-pricing of rock band. After a week of Europeans in rage screaming and burning down house...


GTA IV Bigger than we expected.

Well a bit of sad news for all those UK GTA fans who are hoping to pick up a copy on launch day. Unless you have pre-ordered your copy you most likely won't get one for launch. As of today retailer GAME have stopped taking pre-orders as the...


The unboxing video we have all been waiting for!!!!

OMG this is seriously the best unboxing video i have ever seen. Lawl i joke, but all joking aside this lead me onto a little pondering session. Why do we post and search for unboxing videos. Most of us here do it even if you don't want t...


More Info on the upcoming COD4 Map Pack

No crappy caption today, CBA! So i stumbled across some info passed on from a friend. now we already know about chinatown but i have a bit more info on another 2 maps in the upcoming map pack. There will be an updated version of the orig...


Echochrome psp Demo!

Just a quick heads up rele, Echochrome was released on the japanese psn store today so anyone who has an account for the japanese store can head over and download it, or if u own a psp u can head to this link but bear in mind this is the ...


No Gore Heroes delayed!!!

I think the words OFFS escaped under my breathe this morning as i woke to find the most annoying news i could find on a tuesday. After a long time waiting for this damn game i was looking forward to its release this friday. However good t...


You know this is gonna suck!

So finally, the day comes when UK finally gets UT3 for the ps3. But its not all gonna be bells and whistles is it? Cos like most games that rely on online play we are at a severe disadvantage. So while you over the other side of the big ...


Lucas Wright Ace Director!!!!

So you all excited about playing with your new lightsaber attachment's for those wii remotes?, well i wouldn't hold your breath for too long. Unless you already got one or you live in a country that doesnt care what lucas has to say you w...


Impressions of a few PSN titles.

I decided to write this for a number of reasons, the main one being i wanted to share my hands on impressions with a few of the titles i downloaded from the PSN last night. Also because i need to start writing more. So to get straight i...


Wanna play that GH Guitar on rock band?!

Are you one of those unfrotunate people still waiting for Activision to let you use your GH controler with rock band. Well you may have to wait a little longer. To be blunt about the subject activision had this to say: "We believe we shou...


Somone needs their arse tanned!

So, it's been a while since i posted on here, mainly cos ive been busy but mainly cos i also had nothing to say. But earlier today i was sifting through one of the many blog sites when i came across a little article about Robbie Bach fr...



Once again the shit has hit the fan and many MGS fans may be disappointed by the latest news but also may not even care to some extent. The latest word to come from a horses mouth is that of Ryan Payton who stated: "I can tell you, as of ...


How bad is the framerate for skate on PS3??

Seriously, i just want to know what im getting myself into, i want honest opinions of ppl who own this game on ps3 and not fanboy rants. And if anyone has this game on both platforms then even better. so yeah just the framerate, cos ive h...


Microsoft's Plan for World Domination

Ok so imagine this, bare in mind this is only just my thoughts and im not conspiring against MS here. But say around 11:59pm sep 23rd MS release a nice now compulsary update for everyones 360s. What ppl dont know is that the update will ki...


Eye Of Judgement looks EPIC!!!

So ive been heavily drinking tonight and i apologise for the typos, but before i went out and the server was all sucky i stumbled across a few vids of eye of judgement which is hittin the ps3 soon. I gotta say this game is looking fucking...


New Halo 3 ad: LOL edition =]

So yeah, my friend sent me this a few mins ago. I lold a lot because we all know its so true. Im serious, im rele looking forward to halo 3 as a single play but mainly as an online multiplayer but i rele hate the fucking 13 year old dicks...


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