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My experience with the Lost Planet 2 demo.

Alright it's 1:00 am in the morning , I just got back from playing the Lost Planet 2 demo, and all my friends are sleeping all cozy while I'm trying my best not to call them and tell the awesomeness that I just experienced. So I'm going to write a post about it because I can, want, and need to tell my story.

Before I start I should say, I knew practically nothing going into this demo. I've only played the first Lost Planet's multiplayer when my friend showed me it and disliked it for several unimportant reasons to the current topic. The only thing I knew about Lost Planet 2 was it had an awesome boss battle during the E3 demo that I never read about and it is like Monster Hunter with guns. So knowing that and reading the recent Destructoid blog post about the PS3 co-op demo, I thought I'd download it and check it out. Now with this knowledge, let me tell you my story.

It was a dark and stormy night, when the Lost Planet 2 demo finally finished downloading and installing itself into the PS3. With slight anticipation and normal optimism., I picked up my controller and started up the demo. After several annoying errors, I finally connected to a co-op game where two other people joined quickly and the mission started. The very first thing I noticed was how much green and brown there was in the background. Fighting plant monsters in a forest with no lock-on system is very difficult and it actually took me a few seconds to realize we were under attack. The strangers I played it with seemed to know exactly what they were doing and killed all the monsters, while also messing around with these poles which I later figured out were re-spawn points. As we traveled along the forest looking for more plants to kill, I was testing the controls and I accidentally threw a grenade perfectly under two of my teammates and lit them on fire. It was quite embarrassing and I'm glad they didn't die or notice it was me who threw it. We ran into a bunch of more enemies and this is where I got used to the controls quickly and started noticing the jolly good similarities to the Monster Hunter series. Killing a bunch of big monsters as they attacked you and your teammates like crazy. Even the melee attack was exactly the same as using a sword in MH. So all in all, I was having a fun time. After slaying all the aliens, we were met with an even bigger bug-like creature. Using my "common gamer sense", I starting attacking the big glowing thing sticking out of his butt along with my teammates. After we quickly finished it off without breaking a sweat, we finished the first mission and I got a lousy C score. I was already happily enjoying the demo so "Onto the next mission!", I thought.

The next mission was shorter, but more intense. The forest was less linear and alien creatures where coming from all directions. There was a new one which quickly killed me with its evil, but awesome Sonic spin dash. As we fought of these monsters, I remembered about the hook from the first Lost Planet and finally remember what "square" did. I grappled onto a ledge that obviously wanted to be grappled and reeled myself up to find a shotgun. Everybody knows in a third-person shooter, the shotgun is the BEST weapon, so I was blowing away aliens with no problem. I didn't even see what my teammates were doing. It was just too easy with the shotgun. The level ended quickly, I got an A rank, and I was totally ready for the third mission with my pwnsome shotgun.

Now my experience with the third mission is why I'm writing this. Once the third mission started up, I noticed a gun laying right in front of us and once I discovered it was a rocket launcher, I knew something epic was about to come. Man was I right. A giant behemoth of a alien appeared walking below us and we immediately started shooting like crazy at this monster. Its knees were glowing so with our "common gamer sense" we shot at the bight colors and starting to take away its legs. One of my teammates find this awesome robot and jumped right in to blast away at the monster. The behemoth alien was walking pretty fast, but I chased it down with just my shotgun alone, while my teammates waited on another side for it to come, and I managed to blow off two legs.

At this point, I'm having a crazy amount of fun with this boss. It's taking so long to beat and the game gives you so many various ways to attack. I love that kinda thing in video gaming. So with this permission to be creative, I thought up the crazy idea to try grappling onto the monster and attacking it from on top of its body. It worked. I was trying my best to keep my balance and blast away at every part of the alien's body. After a short time, my teammate in the robot manged to get on top with me! I think the monster ended up lowering from it's lack of legs, but I couldn't tell. Too much awesomeness was going on at once. I ran up to the top of its head and saw that my other teammates were shooting at its tongue which was now shown in clear site. After a couple of shots to the tongue, the monster got seriously angered by our tongue shooting and began to raise its body up. This caused me to fall and end up under its face. I began to freak out because I knew once it came back down, there was going to be a huge earthquake impact. I ran away as much as I can and barely manged to dodge it, but it still sent my character flying a few feet away and losing some hp. Once I got back up, I started running and shooting at its face since it was so close. That's when I noticed it was doing something very strange with its mouth and before I knew it, it ate me. Normally, I thought that I just died and would end up back to a respawn point. But no, this game is too epic for that. I was literally flowing inside the monster's body. The gamer inside me was going nuts at how just plain awesome it was. I was still alive, the flower aliens began to spawn inside its body, I was shooting them all away with my trusty shotgun while barely trying to stay alive, and then after all that the monster just pooped me out, sending my character flying away. I ended up with no hp and no more of that healing stuff. When I got up, I saw my teammates were still fighting it the whole time as I went through the monster's stomach. I quickly gripped onto a nearby ledge and shot at the monster even more with my rifle until it finally fell to the ground and millions of random boxes burst out from its body. We collected them all, the mission and demo finished and I got a sweet S rank.

It was amazing. I am now seriously hyped for Lost Planet 2. I hope you enjoyed reading my story because I certainly enjoyed writing it.
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