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Todays Rant: On Disc DLC Debacle Mortal Kombat.

Hey there Dtoiders!

This is my first blog so I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

Todays Rants will be a 2 days a week thing where I rant about things (gaming related) that annoy me in that particular week.

Todays Rant: On Disc DLC Debacle Mortal Kombat.

There have been several posts on here and many many other game related website that Ed Boon & Co, also known as NetherRealm Studios have added DLC which they intend for you to buy on the retail disc of Mortal Kombat (Released 19 Apr, PS3 & XB360).

It was based on the fact that a group of people have "hacked" into the game and recovered a list of "naughty banned words" & a contents list, which does say things such as; ONDISCDLC_CyberSubZero, etc, etc.

This is NOT the case at all.

All of the things listed are actually available on the disc and are not in fact "Paid for DLC".

Here's how I know (Finished the game through and through....... also I'm Australian, Take that Government)

QuanChi listed as DLC is unlocked by finishing the Story Mode.

Cyber Sub-Zero listed as DLC is unlocked by completing Chapter 13 of the Story Mode.

Kratos is also listed as OnDiscDLC in the contents list but is playable from the start in Arcade Mode.

So... there are those.

There are also a few things listed such as; ScorpionDLC_c and a few others in the same vein.

These are the Pre Order special costumes (Classic) for those characters, which are not really DLC nor do you pay for them.

The first batch of "Paid for DLC" is Lady in red(she has no name yet lol), Kintaro and Kenshi, who are not on the disc.

There is the exception that Kintaro is an Unplayable boss at this moment but everything else is NOT on the disc.

So.... that is todays rant........ ENJOY!
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