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Sorry for being inactive..


​​Ok, I'm back like I said I be today, I’m sorry, I’ve been really inactive recently, I just been so busy with some personal shit going on in my life & I was trying to do everything at once, Which didn’t help at all


So to fix that problem I was causing for myself, I set this new schedule to follow every week


Also, Today I'm going to upload Monday's video & spent the rest of the day recording footage for future videos because I need to stock up on footage, Plus I really want to follow this new schedule I came up with lol


New Schedule:


Monday - Footage Recording

Tuesday - Practising Art

Wednesday - Streaming & Game Grinding

Thursday - Checking Other Creator's Content

Friday - Footage Recording

Saturday - Game Grinding

Sunday - Relax..

I reply to messages from Monday - Saturday, I will be up until 12 PM 😅

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