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Max WotA (Super Short Blog)

Max; a Warrior of the Arctic! Scribblenauts is my jam, and that's that! Edit: This happens! If people don't own this game, they are missing out! Edit2: This is ridiculous! I tamed a frigging T-REX, by feeding it cows. I mounted it, g...


Here we go; Chet game forged!

Through the slaughter of countless dragons, I acquired enough material to forge a game based on the everyday tale of Brad 'Chet' Nicholson. 'Ikuzo! Cheto!' Whilst many of you probably spend your weekend doing either more or less produc...



So I wrote this whole rant about E3, in the Browser Blog thingy, and now it is all gone, the page just reloaded itself back to the blog post list. GAH! I hate this shit. Lesson Learned: Never use the browser thingy, it won't let you sa...


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