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MNC Addiction + Hollywoods

So with all the stuff going on in my life right now, it's kind of wacky that I'm leading this post with Monday Night Combat, but... I'm hopelessly addicted to it right now. I know that whole "Halo" thing is going on and I plan on jumping on...


On G4 Tonight...

So, tonight I'm a guest on G4's Attack of the Show. It's kind of nerve racking. I'm trying not to think about. In reality more people probably watch the local news here and saw me on there than on G4, but it's still live and nationwide... ...


The Chaos Continues!

Blarg, all this crap is like a soap opera. Since our last blog post the following has happened: -Paramount Pictures invites us to L.A. -Will Ferrel/Jim Carrey's manager invites us to L.A. -Independent Film Channel enjoys our work but has n...


What a month.

Shit, it's been a crazy month. Every week I think it will end but then something else happens. It's hard to believe all this is over a YouTube video I made in 30 minutes that was supposed to be an injoke at work, which then ballooned into a...


E3 Excitement Rage Builds!

I think I might be in the minority here, I picture myself in a room labeled "Hardcore gamers excited about motion controls" and 3 of the other people in here are drunk, 2 are lost and 1 has a learning disability. I used to be in the dispo...


Your ideal gaming/arcade lounge?

Oh my dtoid blog... I should really pay more attention to you. Dtoiders, I humbly request your input: A friend & I are in the early process of starting up a kind of hybrid arcade/gaming lounge that would basically be a geek haven. We're ...


My "Unlock Xbox" video...

I hate to pull a "haven't posted forever but comes back to spam something" post, but I rarely do something I feel like I can show off. This is my (and my cohort's) Unlock Xbox video below. We took a look at the competition and decided it ...


Watchmen: Um... erm...

So it's 3AM, I was conned into going to the midnight screening of Watchmen, a movie I knew mostly nothing about, other than it was a super hero movie but not the run of the mill type. I just gotta say... WTF? Really, that was my reactio...


About KnuxSonicone of us since 5:44 PM on 05.02.2007

Born in the Alps and raised by a group of wild elk, KnuxSonic migrated to America in the late 1980's with only a swatch watch and his VHS copies of Saved by the Bell.

He began gaming soon hereafter while living in the basement of Funcoland, the one out by the mall (you know, the mall where the Greasers hung out? That one.) Sonic the Hedgehog changed his life. He realized that while he himself had no talent, he could write long paragraphs about nothing, literally! To this day, KnuxSonic still plays entire seasons of MLB 2K7 without remorse.

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