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About Knux Tenmaone of us since 1:04 PM on 04.29.2011

I am a Game Design and Development student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I have always been an avid gamer, and my brother loves bragging that he had me beating Bowser before I could walk. Though he taught me to game, there are now few games that he can best me in.

For as long as I've been a gamer, I've searched for patterns; not only did I enjoy the games, and especially the stories, but I also loved seeing the patterns of enemies, puzzles, and even level design. At a fairly young age, I even began to recognize the "doorway" system many games used, being able to pick out the very pixel barrier where the game would load the next map.

With any luck, I'll be able to secure a comfortable job developing the games for the next generation, and able to influence the gamers that come after me to appreciate games as art and as story-telling mediums, rather than mindless destruction.