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Audiosurf Gets Massive Update

I just opened Steam a few mins ago and received the pleasant surprise that Audiosurf got a massive update . The FM update introduces a host of new features and content including audioscrobbling, the ability to run Audiosurf as a m...


[AS Contest] (Final) Week 10 Winner

Rules of the contest can be found here. Congrats K2!!! How awesome of you getting the top spot. K2 and Timepants, contact me for redeeming your points. This is it folks, thanks everyone who participated, I'll try to get another thing g...


[AS Contest] Week 10 Song

Rules of the contest can be found here. Last week was won by TimePants, I still don't know if he's gonna redeem his point or not, but I'll update this once I know. This week's song was one of my favorites from an AS giveaway I had when...


[AS Contest] Week 9 Song

Rules of the contest can be found here. Last week was won near the end by Time Pants, who redeemed his points for some weird creatures on some weird game. This week's song will be Pointman Elite Only, made by our very own GuitarAtomik ...


[AS Contest]Week 8 Winner

Rules of the contest can be found here. Low turn out this week, I would like to think it was because of the character, since the song was pretty cool and also way different from everything else I've been using. Anyway, congrats TimePant...


Dtoid Cancun: MOAR JIM IN TUB

Ah Cancun...epic times were really epic... Following Aerox's footsteps, here are almost all the other videos besides the Lobster Milkshake one. Crappy video, but Jim's voice is awesome: I should've gotten more video of the struggle,...


[AS Contest] Week 6 & 7 Winner

I know, the song was super long but don't worry, karma got back at me for you and gave me an insanely super busy week (Thank god it's over) at school. Anyway, the winners were: Timepants on the Dual V Pro Wavemaster on Ninja Mono Als...


[AS Contest] Week 6&7 Reminders

Rules of the contest can be found here. Small reminder that this and last week are using the same song, a lot of people have done the Ninja Mono run but only one person has done the Dual V Pro one. Also don't forget that week's 5 song...


About Knivyone of us since 3:20 PM on 12.12.2006

Hello, I'm Knives but a lot of my friends will usually call me Knivy. All I should have to say is that I live in the happiest place on earth (Tijuana!), but that's not all I'm gonna say.

I started playing games at around age 4 and I simply love games....No, really, I'll play pretty much anything: RTS, FPS, RPGs, TPS, Shumps, Puzzle, Rhythm, Sports, etc.

I currently play on PC, Wii, PS2, DS and 360, I tell myself I'll get a PSP and a PS3 soon but I keep spending money on things like MAGfest, Miami, PAX , Baltinarp and Cancun.

Gmail: IBknives

XBL GT: Knivy

Wii code: 8993 9360 0670 5028 Knivy

STEAM:: Knivy


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