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So it's Been 3 Years Since I Got Here


I don't remember the first time I saw you or who exactly directed me to you, it could've been bluesnews, with their massive amount of daily links, or perhaps an old Kotaku one when you did the funnies on some articles, maybe even evil avatar, although I already knew you when they talked about your Jack Thompson hearing video. All I know is I already visited you when Summa started, I already was around when Faith was a writer, when Topher was Hushgush, when Niero wrote often, when you could have the site almost by yourself (or by alex, wardrox, atlas and me) late night/early morning. I'm definitely not the oldest oldfag around, and in some ways I still consider myself a newfag, but as of today I'm 3 years old in this community.

I met you at a strange period in my life

The end of highschool and the start of Uni at 2005-2006 was really weird, there was the usual "omg guys i'm gonna miss you" to friends, the packing and all that for moving out, getting into a new city, new home, etc. And as happy and excited as i was about all of that, it all went downhill pretty fast.

My class schedule was horrible (first class at 7am, got out of last class at 9pm) my career director, the one that chooses teachers, schedules and courses that will open, hated that they had to offer videogame developing focused classes. During a convention in the campus I met some people from a smaller newer school that was starting, I looked into it and decided to move there after the semester was over, and I did.

In the middle of all this there was an arduous constant calling/txting breakup, which did hit me pretty bad, but not as bad as finding out that the new school i was on wasn't didn't really offered a certified title (well, they got approval for one generation of students and all the others would be pending approval, which they obviously didn't tell us and i just found out overhearing the principal talking between classes).

As I was debating if I wanted to continue with the classes or not as they were actually pretty good, although overwhelming enough that I needed caffeine pills/drinks everyday and would sleep like 50% less than I do now , I found out my dad had cancer, and his treatment or surgery was gonna take a huge enough chunk of "get knives to college" fund my parents started when i was a kid, so i had to move back home and look for a local Uni. I got back home to chaos, my dad didn't take the news very well, and he was sure he was gonna die despite treatment, so when surgery on him was suggested he actually refused, believing that money would do us more good once he was gone. A few months went by with him just lost in drinking. I didn't look into local colleges or anything, I got a job and also had the job to make sure he didn't lose his.

I'm not really a religious person even though most of my family is, and december 12 is a religious holiday over here, so with my dad in the condition that he was, my mom asked me to go to church with her to pray for him, on the way back we had an argument about what to do with my dad. I signed up that night, with her away with my grandma while my dad was on his 4th bottle of wine of the night. Although finally getting on dtoid didn't make anything better right away, the snowball of awesomeness had been thrown.

Enough of the emo part

I was avatarless for the longest time, but back then their weren't enough trolls to make it completely acceptable to ignore avatarless users. I started FNFing thanks to Snaileb and Bahamutzero, I started commenting, I definitely wasn't as involved as I am now due to the family stuff going on, but with things looking better, I actually considered to go to the 2007 dtoid anniversary party in Miami or to PAX07. I ended up using the money for other stuff, still, I swore I would make it next year.

And it rolled and grew...

In a "fuck it, I'll do it" moment I decided to go to MAGFEST in 2008, my first meeting with dtoid people, I stayed with Hitogoroshi, BlindsideDork, Rockvillian and Cowzilla, also happened to meet rockstar legend Dale North and VWGTI. It was amaaaazing and adam's stories about me can still be read here. Also big props to !Old Man Hito++ for introducing me to IRC.

A month or so after MAGFEST I found out dtoid's 2nd anniversary celebration would be in Cancun, even if it was on the other side of my country, it was still my country, so I HAD to go. I'm glad I did, I got to meet most of the editors and Tazar and Bahamutzero. I'll never forget the moment I got to the hotel, and everyone was having dinner, I was guided to the table and Dyson pulled out a chair and said "aaaaaaaand welcome".

The cblogs came out, the forums were still that way --->, I met dtoidLA! I played the greatest game ever with Aborto at comic-con, where I also met Charliesuh, Mandi, Stella, Suff0cat and Earthbounderness. Audiosurf also came out, and with it I probably made the longest cblog contest ever. And of course, I went to PAX, where the list of people I met is too long to put in here, but that it kept inspiring me to get to whatever dtoid gatherings I could. Like more dtoidLA parties, or baltinarp, or the Miami aniversary, or blipfest (in a few days!!!).

I slowly made dtoid a bigger part of my life, and what started as me just visiting another page for gaming news ended up being a meeting point for awesome people, at some point my vacations started to get planned around dtoiders gatherings, my gaming decisions started to get based mostly on the number of dtoiders playing the game, my drunk calls went from local people to me calling naia, aerox, chad and/or mandi. I'm going to blipfest next week, I plan on going to pax east and west and hopefully visit Texas and San Francisco for some NARPing next year, you guys have no idea how much I love being a part of this, although hopefully you do.

Thank you.

Now for oldtimes sake, epic credits (which weren't done in video cause MW2 has taken over my life)

Blindsidedork: I'll get a PS3 eventually!! As eventually as I'll go to a MAGFest again!

Rockvillian: Can't sleep, patriarch will bring you to your maker :O.

Cowzilla: Did you kill the evil Kazar Tam?

Herogeysha: IRC IS awesome, talk more often!! Also the baltinarps at your place are epic, it was kinda like magfest but with less rooms and more people sleeping on the floor.

Snaileb: You showed me the ropes on dtoid even if you probably didn't even notice.

BahamutZero: Hope I see you at blipfest!!

Electrolemon: Is becoming a man :O.

AgentMOO: I bought your game and I havenít played it with other people!

Teta: Come on! Save the monies and go to PAX!

Airox: When I read your comments with the Nu avatar it made think as if he was talking and moving like in CT.

Atlas: Evil jim! NEVER FORGET!

Aborto: The mummy!!

Power Glove: You and Nick are the greatest Rock Band news team,

Chad: You're awesome! And I miss Luna!! Really wish I could've made it this weekend.

Drewbies: Bawls!

Passionate Styos : Get your visa so you can visit dtoidla! Also I need to visit you once the crappy weather stops.

Kyle & Donna: How will you ever outdo the slide?

Pew: Go To Bed!!

Mandi: Homie!! !dtoidsd++ #hell's yeah. We need to hangout more often! And you need to stop daring me to do stuff, I swear at nights I can still taste that green sour drink, although it's still better tasting than this

CountingConflict: One of the greatest part of PAX08 was hanging out with you and Macca, I WILL go visit you texans at some point.

Coonkip: You're too drunk to read this! You're still as great as your hat though.

Item Forty: Really wish you were around during my drunkcast.

Tactix: Fedora phenomenon, wish I could've seen you sing last week!

Naia: Hugs, cookies, sprinkles and cupcakes!!

Vexed Alex: Yay! Mexiforce!!

Ogu: Actual mexican :D

Zserv: We never had another RB battle :O.

Camtub: Love your videos, wish you were still here more often.

Kryptinite: Totally not green :(, not even under his pants :/.

Lost Crichton: Youíre an epic epic man, I canít see anyone doing a better job as mr.dtoid on the pax panels any time soon.

Blehman:Well, your sense of humor is great! And actually, your avatar either makes me want a shake or reminds me that my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

Wardrox: I'm a total fan of NGcast, seriously great. Also your Pink Godzilla mohawk is classic :D.

BigPopaGamer: I wanted to do the drunkcast PAX thing! But I woke up way too late that day!.

Macca: Drinking vodka with you was one of the best things ever, getting caught with the bottle in the restaurant was one of the most hilarious things ever also :P.

Keener: Omg! You actually welcomed me in the forums <3 <3

Mxyplyzyk: And you welcomed me in the cblogs!! :D

Dexter345: You know why I love you.

Dyson: Best story teller I own, also incredible cool person to hang around with.

Riser Glen: I learned the ways of Christian Bale from you.

-D-: Aren't you in LA? I think i've only seen you once there!

Garison: ***cuddles*** <3

Tino: See you in a week!!

Cataract: If you lived over here youíd be of drinking age already.

Nintendoll: 038813231480, whatís yours?

Suff0cat: Dude! Those cheese fries at chadís karaoke were amazing!

TheGHost: Iím glad Iím one of you neverending list of friends.

Scottyg: Keep the black yoshi dream alive!

Tactix: I will visit you guys, I promise! Maybe next time I will make it to Dysonís GDC party.

Necros: WTF happened to your hair? I bet itís a publicity stunt for failcast . :P

Rio Mcarthy: We need to play Rock Band again!

Gandysampras: I need to go to the UK and visit you guys.

Bunnyrabbit2: Maybe next PAX we wonít get distracted with other stuff and actually get the dream
team on the RB stage.

Pheonixblood : Youíre doing a good job with the UK people, keep it up :).

Halfie: !gandy and halfie++ # :D

Chooly: Traveling buddy!

Miss Hinasaki: Stop forgetting about IRC, we miss you!

BushofGhosts: Love playing odst with you, even if you just keep bragging about your penis.Also you owe me a hug!!

Samit: Happy birthday!!

SleepingAgain: When are you going to a dtoidla something?

Storyr: You need a narp, at your future place, before PAX.

GuitarAtomik: I show every friend the ďIím a sharkĒ video, they love it.

Nademagnet: Iíll never forget your idea of asking ďWould you like some of my delicious sandwich?Ē during the PAX panel.

Thegoldenavatar: Lets drink a bottle (or two) of vodka next pax!

Detry: Backout!!

Workmeng: Iím guessing you wonít read this, but itís still crazy I havenít met you in person.

DjDuffy: Herro Copter!

MadNinja: Are you still like 12?

HarrasmentPanda: Stop being so busy!

Technophile: I want a 3rd anniversary badge! I wasn't on the forums that day cause I was in the party!

Kaciesaurus: Where's the drunken halo nights you promised?

Ceark: Great seeing you again on Halloween, that dtoid anniversary comic you did was incredibly epic.

Huskyhog: Cancun roommate, if I don't forget I'll gift you a mexican hat.

Crocbox: Crotchlunch.

Bloodylip: Get rocky's number!

Atheistium: I shouldíve gone to PAX07, youíre probably a blast to hang out and drink with.

the GAMEGOBLIN: Best paint artist ever!

Hoygeit: You were an awesome drunk at PAX.

Zero Atma:Great dinning with you and scotty the last night of PAX, also I'll never drink as much champagne as in that one brunch thing.

Tdiddy: Still wish you hadn't leave the Miami party so early, make it to PAX!

Asian Joe : I canít actually think anything else than ďtoo many dicks on the dance floorĒ when I read
your name right now.

Aiya/Stella: Plushies!!

Bean Pearly: Iíll go with you to a hipster coffee place when I visit SF :P.

Tiff: You and Maya should join katamaris!

King3vo: Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing, you do the best "kniiiiiiiiiives" scream greeting in person.

McSnow: Your sterling costume was great, hope you go to pax again next year,

Yashoki: Loved it when they talked about trolls during the pax panel and you stood up <3, great hanging out with you.

Hamza: No one will ever forget that metroid runÖ

Nick Chester: Or you failing drums :P.

Colette: I swear once I get shelves Iíll make a cblog in Tomopop about my plushie collection. Also <3 <3

Conrad: Missed you at PAX, I better see you next year or Iíll stop digging your articles!

Rey:I admit I was one of the "gtfo" people when you started promoting your show on the cblogs, you didn't make a good first impression, but you're crazy cool in person.

Jim Sterling: Chad claimed he got drunker at PAX than you in Cancun, I still have my doubts.

Impossibleplant: Your drawings were great! Havenít seen them posted in a while.

Dale North: That duet you did with Colette in Miami was beautiful.

Niero: I honestly feel I grew with dtoid, thanks to this site, to these people, I've had crazy amazing weekends, gaming sessions, karaoke sessions and chats on IRC and gtalk, I hope I see you soon! And more often once you move to SF.

To the persons I probably forgot to mention and which I obviously shouldn't, I'm sorry, the awesomeness gets overwhelming while trying to put it in words.
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