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[Audiosurf Contest] Week 5 Song


Rules of the contest can be found here.

Last week was won by TimePants who, afraid of Wavemaster�s return, decided to imitate Aciesethon in controlling the Gman.

Last week wasn�t really popular. It might�ve been because of spring break vacations for some, long weekend for anothers, or maybe i was just the character in it. If it was that last reason, then this week won�t be popular either :P.

Anyway, continuing with my idea to make you play different things, THIS WEEK WILL BE VEGAS ONLY =P. The song will be slowest one so far in the contest to give you some space to think about when to shuffle and to get more of the puzzler side of AS. This week�s song is Eternal Wind by Select Start and it can be downloaded right here.

PS: I'm thinking of making week 6 and 7 use a single song, considering I won't be around the first weekend of April to check the scores or post a new song (Cancun!!) .


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