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[AS Contest]Week 6&7 Song.


Rules of the contest can be found here.

Last week was won by WaveMaster, who becomes the first person to keep his point in play for another week, will anyone try to beat that score?

Next weekend is Dtoid Cancun and since I'm going I'll have that weekend and the days prior and after entirely busy (GOD DAMN YOU SCHOOL AND WORK!!), so this track will work as week's 6 and 7, making it a dual week with two points on the line. I let you guys decide somewhat on which track you wanted and, with 5 votes (3 in comments, 1 in IRC and 1 in Gtalk) song C was chosen!

The song will be played in Ninja Mono and Dual V Pro, characters in different difficulties so each can have their own leaderboard.

Something from 8bitpeoples as part of my “play everything!”, this song will test your AS endurance =).

Outra by x|k is described as “a massive 20+ minute, pulsating, 5-headed beast on the dancefloor “ and can be downloaded right here.

I'll be checking the scores for Weeks 5, 6 & 7 on April 11th. Good luck to all!!


As far as i know Wingxero isn't from here.
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