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[Audiosurf contest] W3 Almost Over. UPDATE:Winner


Rules can be found here.

WaveMaster is proving to be an amazing Audiosurf player, in the words of Wedge:
"I think all Ninja Mono competitions are officially over now. I can't get higher than 90kish. And that took me an hour and a half. Five tries? Fuck you new guy. "

Anyone up to the challenge of beating him this week?

Screenshots go on the week's song post, remember that this week is restricted to Ninja Mono. I'll post the winner here and there tonight at around 11:30PM (United States Pacific Time -_-).


-Last update has been giving me lag =/.

-Wavemaster has probably scared everyone =P.

-Float On by Modest Mouse is fun to play and look at.

-If I can't play Brawl then I might as well play the soundtrack in AS, <3 Space Armada.


Wavemaster wins! Obvious winner was obvious I guess. Also remember I'm open for song suggestions for next week =).
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