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I’m having a pretty lousy day and I have to wait for my shift to start so feel free to #AMA


Gears For Breakfast news stream starting soon! https://www.twitch.tv/GearsForBreakfastOfficial


There's something about playing co-op with someone you truly love in Monster Hunter that brings a fleeting, but very real sensation of happiness out of you. If you find a partner who genuinely enjoys video games as much as they enjoy you, cherish that.


Been brushing up on old GoW story content since having seen the last of the new game. It's a pebble being dropped in a sea to say it but I do definitely miss Kratos' old voice delivery and overall angry personality. Good as it is it's far removed.


Overwatch on Switch is ‘feasible,’ says Blizzard. Well, I mean, duh. It’s a marginally powerful handheld console with internet capabilities. Of course it’s feasible. People have been saying that for, what, a year?


It all makes sense now! Filip is an Echo Fighter for IGN. This is just a viral marketing campaign for Smash Ultimate!


Seems I have no choice but to get the Jak games on PS4. I ain't getting an external device just to make my PS3 agreeable with my Elgato. Y'know, for all the love Sony gets, they sure make some backwa-- nvm. Now I know how y'all feel about Nintendo.


A friend is lending me their Apple Pencil until I am able to afford another for myself. Thank heaven, I've missed drawing.


Regrettably, I've lost my more modern tablet pen somehow and I'm probably not going to be able to afford another for a while. I can still use my old pen for drawing tho. Sucks, but them's the breaks I guess.


So with more primarily online games coming to Switch, such as Fortnite, Paladins and most recently Warframe, can we NOW get an Overwatch port?


Maybe I'm a whackjob, but I'm in the camp of "Nintendo had a solid E3." Not amazing but certainly not the big disappointment some folks feel it was. Still better than the other big two tho. Bethesda was top dog imo. I'm noticing a pattern here...


I'd love to make a classic Prince of Persia style platformer but use my artwork for cutscene dialogue, much like how Celeste did it. If only I knew the faintest thing about coding and game design. :[


Went to a Smash Bros. Tournament, probably one of the worst ever. And yet it was the best day of my life since I got spend pretty much all of that day with a girl I’m hardcore crushing on. Funny how life works, no?


Dang, well now my last Qpost is pointless! Thanks Capcom???


A year ago, I did a drawing just like this and posted here (to some very kind love from you guys). What do you think? Should I color it and show a back-to-back comparison?


YES!! I’ve been waiting so long for a non-VR entry. Just... Yes. Finally!


Man I’d really like to play some Republic Command-yo.


Was yelled at, cursed at and physically threatened by some maniac at work over a faulty Xbox card who was literally too angry, stupid and impatient to wait for us to call Microsoft to get another code issued to him. Not feeling great. Happy Easter guys.


Welp, they're done. I definitely think this one's my best yet. Y'know, I've been on DToid a while, and I really want to add better comments to the site, not just the usual lame pro-Nintendo stuff. It's weird to think how long it's come to that conclusion.


Great thing about talking tech with people is that a lot of the terminology coming up in my PC Maintenance course is not completely foreign to me. Remember kids, arguing with people on the internet can help you learn!


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