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Blockbuster Renting Games

Alright, so before I start talking about the title topic I wanted to say that I'll no longer be writing for Why? Several reasons, some of them being that I don't feel it is the sort of outlet for journalism that i want to be associated with. It also doesn't pay enough for the work you have to do, nor will I have time in the near future as I have plans to go back to school. Speaking of which, there are two programs in my area that I'm considering taking and wanted to ask your opinion. One is an Associates in Media Technology and the other is a BS in Communications. Both would help me to pursue my wish to become a legitimately paid games journalist. It's more a matter of money than anything else.

So, Blockbuster has entered the games by mail ring going up against companies like Gamefly. Now, I've been using Gamefly for years and I've never had any trouble with their service. In fact, I've enjoyed it so much that it's a rare occasion that I buy a game. In order to get on my shelf, a game has to offer continually changing gameplay. Games like LittleBigPlanet, for example. I'm also a user of Netflix instead of Blockbuster's rental service. What does that say about me? That I'm the anti-Blockbuster? Probably not. It's an issue of cost vs. product availability. For games, I've never been able to find a new release that I want a Blockbuster nor have I wanted to pay the outrageous fee they ask. Same deal with movies. But now, they're offering movies and games on the same plan for one cost. I've checked it out a few times and the more I look at it, the more I know that they're stretching the service too thin. Movies and games on the same plan will just take up space for one or the other. Maybe I'm wrong and the service will take off. If it does, they're going to have to seriously step up the availability of their new game releases.

I've begun to toy with the idea of making a weekly Podcast. What do you think? Don't know how nice (or horrible) of a broadcasting voice I have so you may not want to hear me.
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