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Never whatever land

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Modern face of survival horror

Late 90s and early 00s were the golden age of a very niche genre we called survival horror. This name, invented by the game that cemented the rules of the genre (or, technically, a subgenre of action adventure) - Resident Evil, got m...


Elrond same

An old rewrite of Nine Inch Nails' "Every Day Is Exactly the Same" lyrics I made about 3-4 years ago, while tired of overly samey games released back then. Just silly stuff, nothing special. I believe i can see the future Cause i repeat th...


Secret of digital distribution

Today i saw this interesting news post on Steam. It really confused me, because i knew those languages were previously available in both Skyrim and its DLCs. Turns out, they were. In locally sold retail copies of the game, which were comple...


Nintendon't land

I was born in the Ukrainian SSR in 1985. My first contact with video games was in about 87 or 88 with some weird light gun and joystick thing, which we would connect to the old soviet CRT TV and shoot white squares on the black background....


Use more lube and stop whining

Recently Resident Evil 6 got released on PC, and I, with my undying (or probably, currently, undead) love for the series since 1996, couldn't pass it, despite the mixed, at best, reactions to the game from most sites and people i trust op...


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