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Easy Does It

People play video games for varying reasons. Some like to challenge themselves. They covet being the best and squaring off against the very best competition possible or crave that high score on the leaderboards. They love that intense rush ...


Why do I let games intimidate me?

First off this is my debut Blog. I really struggled to come up with a topic or idea for this initial entry. Then today it hit me like a shovel to the face. I downloaded both Ikaruga and Braid off of XBLA today and the idea for this blog was...


About Kishinfouluxone of us since 1:59 PM on 01.19.2010

Yeah so I'm Erik. I like vidya gaemz. So I'm on this site cuz it's about vidya gamez ya digg? No but seriously I love games with a passion. I've been gaming since the NES and I'm still going strong, with no end in sight (my funds hate me for this). I'm currently residing on the east coast in Superior Eastern Time Zone Land. I'm looking to hopefully be an active member on the forums and the C-Blogs, but I am admittedly quite lazy.

I'm also very much into MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Got into it a few years ago and I've been hooked since. Anime is also another hobby of mine, though I tend to stick to the more well known stuff (ya know the stuff that most people hate).

I'm really looking to try and meet more of my fellow gamers this year at meetups and such. Sadly due to my crappy work schedule this will prove quite troublesome, but I'm gonna do my best. Guess that's really it. I'm done.

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