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I have my phone out at work constantly as a tool to do my job, so I always appreciate mobile games that are in portrait mode so that I can play them while working and not have it be incredibly obvious. Recommendations welcome lmao


Sekiro on easy mode would be like four hours long. I do think the one-difficulty-mode ethos of From's games is intrinsic to the player's connection with them, and I hate that there's not a non-controversial way to express this.


The biggest question I have about Sekiro after finishing it; What does the different varieties of Sake do? Is it just for lore dialogue from whatever NPC you give it to? Is there something more to be unlocked? Idt the internet has uncovered everyt


Just finished Sekiro. That final boss fight, if nothing else, is definitely the hardest main story endboss From has ever made.


Popped the trophy for visiting all Sekiro locations last night, I probably put in close to thirty hours this weekend. I love it, I think the game is as much of a masterpiece as Bloodborne or Souls, not that I ever had any doubt it would be.


Well I broke my streak of avoiding any Sekiro information last night and ended up watching like half a dozen "everything you need to know about Sekiro" YouTube vids. Disappointed in myself but no less excited for the game.


So I'm taking the remainder of my vacation time at work next weekend to do nothing but play Sekiro pretty much constantly. I'm gonna try out streaming on this since I'll be playing a lot; could I post link here or is that considered against the rules?


I wish someone had told me to play White Mage in FFXIV after I bounced off the game a couple of times trying out DPS, because it's a lot more fun and a lot more challenging as a healer. Just made it to Heavensward content.


Love getting a call from my boss on vacation to say "your interview was great and you're a very articulate and well-spoken person but we've decided to go with someone else for the position" I spent the rest of the day depression napping


Mass shooter in my hometown. They started at my Roommates dad's place of employment. Still waiting to hear if everything is okay. Always felt like it was a matter of time until something like this happened close to me.


Trying my best not to disrespectfully laugh in my managing supervisors face when he tells me with dead seriousness "Sora thinks he's following Roxas's heart within himself but he isnt yet aware that it's actually Ventus's heart"


I work at a major tech retail chain in Chicago Its negative 20 degrees and feels like negative 50 They still had me come in to open And the worst part is I've actually had a couple of customers.


Switching to an Android phone and downloading a PSP emulator was the best decision I ever made.


I've been playing Dragon Quest XI since September, and while I love it, 135 hours in I just want it to be over. I cant like, abandon it so close to the true ending though. But I want to play other RPGs and it feels like I have another ten hours at least


I got $50 PSN credit for christmas and used it to get SOTC, Gravity Rush Remastered, Burnout Paradise, and Prey + Mooncrash DLC I think I flexed that $50 pretty fucking well


I played through maybe a quarter of God of War earlier this year and fell off it, just not clicking with me the way it has with almost everyone else. I was considering giving it another shot starting on the higher or highest difficulty, is this worth it?


This year in games is definitely reminding me of how much I love when a game nails meandering moments of atmospheric ambience when traveling from point to point, between Red Dead and my personal GOTY; Hollow Knight


I guess you cant delete posts you made on accident so hey; I'm just out here playing Red Dead like every other person


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