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At the part of Final Fantasy VIII where it turns out the orphanage was secretly controlled by an alien goblin who lives inside a technodome in the basement. This part of the plot was not alluded to prior to the moment; it feels like a fucking Lynch scene


Final Fantast VIII was the first JRPG i can remember playing, and I never understood the gameplay systems as a kid, and had no frame of reference for what RPGs were normally like. Playing it again now as an adult; what a weird ass game mechanically


My best friend at work told me today that he would never play any games older than the first console he played (the PS2) He considers himself to be a huge gamer. I may be like five years older than him but i still found this to be a ridiculous statement.


We all know Vin Diesel would have wanted to give the award to Kingdom Hearts 3


just got Final Fantasy XIV on PC for black friday, after leveling a White Mage to 60 and getting through Heavensward on PS4. Is there any sort of Destructoid discord or community around for XIV? Id love to join if youll have me.


Finished Death Stranding last night. I've seen a good amount of discourse saying the gameplay is trash while its just an excuse to tell a well-told story. I hold the exact opposite opinion. I'd ultimately give it a 7/10 in my book


idk if it was an intentional move to make you network with strangers, but one of the biggest complaints I have about Death Stranding is the inability to build your network with your own friend list


Finding Death Stranding to be an incredibly unique and rewarding experience; have enough thoughts where i'd like to write a long form blog, something i havent done in years. About 20 hours in, still in chapter 3.


One has to wonder; in a world where grenades that can kill ghosts exist, are grenades filled with your own shit that merely distract the ghosts really worth inventing?


I fully understand and agree with all the reasons why people hate Mario Kart World Tour for it's predatory, money-hungry systems in place. But at the same time; i actually love it lmao


Not to make anyone jealous but i won that raffle for the PSVR Dtoid was running. Im fucking psyched this is easily the best thing ive ever won out of a random draw contest like this. Open to suggestions for any essential and/or non-obvious games


The only thing i really want out of TGS is more info on SMT5 PLEASE


Got the Rondo/Symphony collection on PS4, 100%ed Rondo already and currently about halfway through Symphony; I think I like Rondo better? I think that specific style of precision platforming has not seen modern improvements the way Metroidvanias have.


Is the Switch port of Bloodstained really as bad as is being said? I was tempted to pick it up this weekend to occupy me during a family road trip;wondering if anyone who had it thinks its still worthwhile or not, or if waiting for patches was essential


Alright, I think this level is ready for the public. Gonna start catching up on everyone else's levels now, feel free to drop your codes.


The quality and creativity of the levels in the story mode of Mario Maker 2 are actually far beyond Super Mario Bros U Deluxe. That game has never seemed like a worse deal lmao.


The fact that there is no way in Mario Maker 2 to see created levels from people on your Switch friend list is actually more upsetting to me than the lack of online multiplayer w/ friends. I still love the game but like, this should be obvious stuff


Would anybody rally on my hot take that Final Fantasy VII holds up better than Final Fantasy VI? I'm not quite ready to die on that hill but having played them both close together, it is at least my own opinion on them.


I hope the Final Fantasy VII remake includes the part where Cloud rides a dolphin jumping out of a small alcove to the top of a massive radio tower


Picked up Katana Zero last night; I'm loving it so far, my only (minor) nitpick would be I think the games sense of humor is a bit too referential to the internet. It sorta throws off the 80s aesthetic to have jokes about Netflix and modern anime cu


I'd like to use my wide-reaching platform here to offer a dissenting opinion on the Mario Kart mobile game. That shit is totally okay! The basic drift and racing mechanics of MK translate well, and it's a great little diversion for fans of the series.


Finally one trophy away from the platinum in Bloodborne after claiming it as one of my favorite games since its release year. Holy shit are those later chalice dungeons a bitch I've been fighting the fire dog in the defiled chalice for three days


I talked one of my managers into buying Bloodborne and now hes texting me asking for tips. That's called networking baby


Honestly dont know if there's anything coming out this year that I am clamoring for anymore after Sekiro. Mario Maker 2 I guess, but that's not exactly fresh. Guess its backlog season; keeping an eye out for surprise indie hits thru the rest of the year


Thinking about how much I loved Edith Finch after giving it a shot on PS+; and also how it seems like it would he on the curriculum for the video game equivalent of a high school Literature class. One of the best uses of the medium in narrative imo


#selfietoid catch me at work sick enough to have my voice shot out when speaking at any frequency above my lowest register voice but they wont let me leave!


I picked up Dark Souls on the Switch since it was on sale digitally, and I had forgotten how slow the original actually is. Those healing animations last an eternity! I think I can confirm I like DS1 better than Sekiro. Bloodborne is still my #1


Any Danganronpa fans on here pick up the studios new game Zanki Zero? I haven't seen almost any buzz or discourse;I've been playing it for a minute and I think it's got some problems, but the writing is stil pretty strong in the same vein as DR


I was not planning on ever playing Days Gone, but my job recently put me on a mailing list to get free game codes from brands, and sure enough Days Gone is the first one they kicked me out today. I'll ride a motorcycle I guess if I gotta.


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