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TIL there's a strongman competition that implemented an IRL Wheel of Pain straight outta Conan the Barbarian.


Parents got me a printer/scanner for Christmas. So to celebrate, here's a WIP of a Tapejara (a type of pterosaur) sampling an apple. This is also the first time I tried a calligraphy pen.


This is a Public Service Announcement:


Well, I just got cheated out of my save in Iceborne...


Regardless as to how the movie turns out, the Oviraptor and Quetzalcoatlus are officially my most favorite thing to come out of this.


You know, with Dominion introducing therapsids like Lystrosaurus and Camp Cretaceous now throwing mammals into the mix in the form of Smilodon (so far), I wonder just how diverse JWE2's roster will end up being by the end of its life cycle. Also 93 Galli.


You... Are... A... On second thought, never mind...


One day you wake up and decide you wanna go on a Totalbiscuit and Jesse Cox play Terraria binge. Makes me realize how much I miss that British bastard so much.


Well, can't say the delay wasn't expected, but all in all, this looks amazing nonetheless. Plus, 2 dinosaur park builders are better than one, especially when one has Ice Age animals.


That's it. This is all I needed to see. Day 1 purchase. Period. Fuck you. End of report.


Boy, it's kinda chilly today, huh?


This is already proving to be one helluva improvement compared to the original.


Godzilla: Singular Point finally wrapped up its first season in Japan, and it should be airing on Netflix next week. I've heard nothing but good things coming out of it, so I'm excited.


Got my second COVID shot. The croc-ening is going full steam ahead!


Paralives really do be scratching that Sims itch.


Well, this is officially a thing for Jurassic World Dominion. More info in the comments.


So, Jeff Goldblum's making an appearance at the Summer Games Fest next week. Couple guesses as to what that entails.


Welp, website updated and it doesn't seem to let me use my DToid account... I think this sums up my thoughts well enough.


Got my first COVID shot. If Bolsonaro's warnings are true, then let the croc-ening commence!


So... Carnivores is having another go at IP revival. More in the comments.


NGL, I feel the fact that an animated series winding up being more anticipated than the films (especially sequels) it's based on is something Jurassic Park and Star Wars both have in common. Also, this is the first time I've heard dingus in a cartoon.


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