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Maturation and Acceptance


Iím a fairly outspoken person. When someone says something I donít like or agree with, I usually tend to spout off my counterpoint without them asking. Itís a bad habit, but I always deemed myself to be a fair and reasonable person, so I avoid purely bashing on other peopleís ideas.

But when it comes to games, Iíve gotten into a bad habit of hating things and assuming Iím right. Now, when my friend let me borrow the latest Castlevania game, ďLords of ShadowĒ, I wasnít expecting much. To my surprise and his, I absolutely hated the game.

But why do I feel bad about it? Before starting my journey, my friend let me know that he loved the game. He personally thought it was great and, despite a few awkward sections, was worthy of owning. He even gave me stories of his time at GameStop where he recommended the game and people praised him afterwards.

I figured the same would happen for me. There have been plenty of games I was indifferent about at first that became classics in my eyes, so why not this? Well, to me, the game is a broken mess of bad camera angles, poor collision detection, horrid pacing and overly cryptic story elements.

The graphics are exceptional, though.

My friend loved it, though. So, where did I miss this action classic? Heís not wrong in his opinion, either, but Iím finding it hard to believe he didnít notice some of the problems this game exhibits.

Did he not notice that your combat roll does nothing? You can literally roll under an attack and still be hit by it, which is asinine. How about that enemies take no hit stun? Whatís the point of that devastating combo when enemies will just interrupt you?

I canít say every aspect of the game was a failure for me. Some of the music I did truly enjoy. This track in particular is entirely absorbing to me:

But then this song is a complete rip off of ďGod of WarĒ:

The game, to me, just feels like a poor manís example of modern action gaming. You canít even control the camera, for fuckís sake. Itís infruriating. But when I try to see it through my friends I, I do see that a good game exists under the layers of bad.

See, before this title, I never would have accepted a different opinion. My friend and I disagree on a lot of games. For instance, he dislikes Mario and itís a personal favorite of mine. I loathe ďAssassinís CreedĒ, but those games are amazing to him.

We even have different views on both of our favorite series of all time; Zelda (though strangely, we both think Wind Waker is the best). He argues that Ocarina isnít as great as people claim and I tell him thatís blasphemous (it is a tiny bit).

Maybe Iíve finally matured. I always preached that I was accepting and open minded, but I never really put that into practice. ďLords of ShadowĒ taught me that different opinions can be valid, regardless of how asinine I may think they are.

I may never understand what people see in films like ďTop GunĒ or why someone would willfully listen to Ke$ha, but maybe theyíre on to something. If you can freely enjoy your own things and not be an abrasive jerk about things you dislike, why canít I?

So, thank you Konami and Kojima. Even though I hate your game, I do understand that people will love it. Hell, I even enjoyed moments of it, so I guess thatís a plus. While I may stumble with accepting opinions in the future, know that you guys really put things in perspective for me.

Maybe my friend is plotting this...nah...
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