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Has Gaming Negatively Impacted Me?


This is how it always ends...

I used to have a pretty decent group of friends, but some problems occurred to me and I severed myself from them. While that is mostly my own fault, I really have no way to connect with them again. I feel ashamed of how I represented myself to them and I donít want them to judge me as an outsider.

In the past year of my life, itíd be foolish of me to say that I havenít met anyone. Iíve been to various bars and clubs and Iíve met quite the eclectic bunch of people while working, but there isnít a single other person to whom Iíve spoken my mind. My conversations consist of asking someone if they want paper or plastic or talking about which drink Iíd like.

This blog isnít meant to be a plea for attention, but just something I want to address. While we certainly all love gaming, there is a point where enough to enough. I believe Iíve finally reached that limit and now my life is suffering for it.

I suppose I do have my health and I am employed in an economy that most people would call ďdesperate,Ē but lacking other minds to mingle with is a problem Iíve constantly faced throughout my life. I wouldnít wish this upon anyone else and I hope that any teenagers reading this take the time to really connect with their peers.

I may not be able to turn myself around, but hopefully getting these thoughts out of my head will help people change. Donít look down on the social pariahs or the awkward people at work; everyone just wants a hand to hold or a heart to meld with.
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