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About KimberleeCatenaone of us since 7:27 PM on 05.13.2011

Kimberlee is:

+) A shy, dreamy, sweet, detached, whimsical, cynical optimist(aka contrary) - who loves to laugh and is quick to it. She is very serious and logical yet on coinflip fantastical and childlike. She is always ticking yet always floating. There is a reason for that glazed over sparkle in her eye. She plays a disturbing amount of video games and consumes far too much sugar. She prefers her camera to her phone and could spend years entirely alone. She lives for art and admires all beauty. She has a Gemini/double personality, don't label her. You will fail. She swoons at the smell of old books and joys in collecting a variety of playful things. She is greatly fond of psychology and finds the workings of the mind utterly fascinating. She's constantly analyzing. She takes everything in- her mind is like a database of humanity. Her hobby is to reflect on all of this and make calculated philosophies on life, people, and nearly everything in the world. I'd say she is a most fascinating, strange, young girl from beyond the looking glass, if I don't say so myself. ;3

+) Austrian, Italian, Irish, English, Cherokee, German, and, Dutch.

+) Sign: Aquarius with Pisces Rising

+) Unique, friendly, God-loving, peculiar, aloof, curious, intuitive, original, eccentric, independent, altruistic, observant, thoughtful, individualistic, clever, considerate, opinionated, egalitarian, intellectual, witty, giving, idealistic, idiosyncratic, frank, unconventional, analytical, progressive, avant-garde, humanitarian, futuristic, free thinking, sure of her mind, inventive, easy going, caring, expressive, unusual, excitable, creative, generous, quirky, intuitive, comical, insecure, loving, odd, modern, playful, interested, awkward, self-conscious, innovative, absent-minded, eclectic and rather abstract.