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Pile of Shame: I Have a Problem


A wise man once said that the first step to recovery is to admit that you have a problem. Actually I don't know if the person that said that was wise or just some guy who pretended to be smart and made a ton money because he had a really well kept beard and a lakeside cabin with a border collie. Either way, I have a problem.

While some people struggle with the drugs and the drink, I have an issue with video games. I buy them. A lot of them. Enough of the damn things that I could never ever find time to actually finish all of them. I suppose that's not really a bad thing but it can become quite the headache when you have a personality like mine. I'm one of those people that cannot put a game down just because I'm not enjoying it. If it enters my console I will more than likely beat my head against the thing until I finish it and when I actually play it to completion I always feel like I didn't really see everything. Couple that with the fact that I add about 3 games to my collection every single week and you've got yourself a person that feels suffocated by my hobby of choice.

Like crack addicts love smoking crack and sex addicts enjoy fucking, I have many of the same problems. The need to always be adding a new game to my collection and the guilt of buying shit I don't need when I do. Rinse. Repeat. Play Brutal Legend. Rinse. Repeat. Play Just Cause 2 (which happens to be fucking brilliant). Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat. I have no clue if I should go to great measures to remedy this problem but with this blog I'm going to document it. Actually attempt to conquer my over 200 games (nearly half are still sealed) while not buying new ones to take their place.

Can I do it? Probably not but at least when I look back at this in a few years I can look over to my sealed copy of games and say "remember that time you were actually going to finish those games" and then I'll more than likely reply with "no, I'm going to Gamestop to buy a used copy of Sacred 2." So stupid, like I really need another fucking RPG.
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