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The Need for Positivity in Media




So I've been thinking a lot lately about how society portrays media. People are always looking for something interesting - drama, comedy, tragedy, romance, ANYTHING that breaks the norm of just being 'ok'. We instinctively seek out the 'juciest' stories when we go to our favorite media outlets, because we just LOVE to have that sort of drama in our lives. Is it because our lives are too boring in their own merit that we really feel compelled to seek out the stories of others? At the end of the day, do any of these articles really affect us personally?


Anyway, that's not what this is about. This blog is about how I feel we NEED to have positive onsets in the media. It's SOO easy to bring up controversial subjects that rustle jimmies and stir debate. I've noticed that this has become a bit of a trend with some writers here at Destructoid, and while I can certainly understand the business aspect of these actions (clicks = money), I feel like it can genuinely bring down the entire morale of the community. Why? Because we become so invested in news and media that we subconsciously make things become personal, and some people even MAKE it a huge part of their lives. It's not rocket science, it's human nature.


I think it's important to focus on the positives too. Common sense would dictate that positive news would be exactly what we want/need to see in the news - we want to hear feel good stories, we want to know that everything is alright. At the end of the day, I think we all truly DO want to see the positives, however we always tend to focus on the negatives. Why is this? Obviously, positive news articles do pop up here and there...but do they ever get the proper attention that they need? They certainly don't seem to get the most attention, nor do they tend to stir positive discussion and morale. Often times positive news articles go virtually unnoticed, and just sort of dwindle away.


So what's the answer here? Is there a clear cut solution to the problem? Personally, I think it requires a delicate balance - positives and negatives. I'd like to think that from a healthy perspective 3 positive articles to 1 negative article would be a healthy balance. Honestly, that negative article will probably draw twice as much attention as the 3 positives combined.....but at the same time, that conscious effort will build a more accepting, flexible community. The problem with dwelling on the same issues, over and over without changing things up at all is the news becomes annoying - "Oh, another article about sjw? Moving on....". MIX THINGS UP! How many of you have ever heard of the old saying "beating a dead horse"? Ever feel like the news can be that way sometimes?


As I said, it's important to find a balance. We need controversial topic to be discussed now and then 1) to stir conversation and activity and 2) for good business practice, however we also owe it to ourselves as human beings to keep things light and mix things up so that it doesn't become blaringly obvious that we're just looking to 'make some more money'. Eventually, overloading your audience with negative news will only 1) bring down the morale of the community 2) draw people away and 3) result in a loss of productivity and income.



I probably sound like a tree hugging hippie right now, and I assure you I'm not (trees have spiders), however I just wanted to voice my perspective regarding media and morale. Believe me, I LOVE stirring up shit as much as the next person....but it would be nice if we could mix in just a little bit of positive in there too. The way news has been in the gaming world lately, lord knows we could use a little change of pace.

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