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Better With Age: My Cats


Meow, indeed


Those of you who have gotten familiar with me know that I do love my cats. They are literally my bestest buddies as they are ALWAYS there when I'm doing things at home (as a matter of fact, one is laying in my lap as I write this blog). Do you really want to listen to me ramble about my obsession with cats? TOO BAD, CUZ DATS WHAT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN.


I have long been a cat person - since I was a little girl, I lived in a house where my parents would bring a couple of kitties home from the family farm. As a matter of fact, cats have been there to help me cope with my adolescent and teenage years entirely, and still to this day the first thing I want to do when I come home from a shit day at work is just pet my cats. It's a proven stress reliever, and it's actually legal in most US states (cats rights, constituion of catliness, etc).


When I moved into my new home, I realized how lonely living by yourself can be. I was working 2 jobs, including one at a veterinary clinic where I helped book appointments and assist the veterinarian as needed. One day, a woman came in with 3 cats and was wanting to put them down - 3 perfectly healthy cats. When she told me she wanted to put them down...I just stared at her for a moment and asked her why? Evidently, her grandchildren were alergic to the cats, and she wanted to get rid of them so that she could be closer with her family. I just sat there for a minute...I didn't really know what to say.


While I can empathize with her wanting to be closer with her family, why just kill off the cats? They all seemed very happy and healthy, and certainly didn't seem to be mean or aggressive by nature. They were older though, and the 3 of them were siblings - one was 11 (a boy) and the other two (boy and girl) were 12. I called the veterinarian's wife in and asked her what we could do. We discussed the situation....and she decided to adopt one of them outright (the 11 year old). I just COULDN'T let the other two be put down, it just didn't feel right....so, I decided to take them home. I left work long enough to take them home and set them up in a room with food and water. It was clear they were scared to death, but I had faith that I could acclimate them to a new home.


I went home and spent the entire evening getting to know them and gave them new names. I went out the next day and bought all sorts of cat toys and treats for them to play with. Despite their age, they both have A LOT of energy, and are super playful. The girl has the quirkiest personality in a cat that I have ever seen, and it's so fun to try and understand her sometimes. Her tail is weird, almost as if it's double jointed, and curls up behend her back as she walks around (it's cute but I've never seen anything like it). The boy is my cuddle buddy, and he follows me everywhere I go. He loves to go outside with me to do yard work....and proceed to eat grass until he vomits everywhere.


Though I've only had them 2 years now, I don't think I could imagine my life without them. I wake up with both of them sleeping next to me in the mornings (on opposite sides, of course), and I come home to them running up to me to greet me. They are awesome companions, and they definitely help to keep my life busy at times. I feel that despite the fact that they are older, I love taking care of them all the more because they behave very well and really know how to take care of themselves. Except when they puke.....that's never fun.


So yeah, you may proceed to call me a nerd or a creepy cat woman, and zero fucks will be given. I love my kitties, and I'm glad that I decided to bring them into my life.


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