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Where to start? (My intro.... Sort of.)

(An introduction of myself using key moments that I can remember and a couple franchises in particular. Probably not originally done, I'm sure some other people may have written something in a similar style. However, I did it up like this to avoid a typical introduction.)

I'm forcing myself to play Final Fantasy XIII all the way through. This game is quite sub par in comparison to many of the games I've played this year. It never felt like a chore to play Red Dead or Mass Effect 2. Wonder why I persist?


My dad just walked into the door carrying a box. He won't tell me or my sister what's inside and I can't see what the picture on it was before he took it to his room.

*Fast Forward*

I've spent pretty much all of Christmas day in my room playing Metal Gear Solid. I've already gotten to the second disk and have to say that I'm not overly impressed. I asked for this game on the recommendation of a friend. But I assumed he already had it, which he didn't because he just got it on Christmas too. I guess I got caught on his hype train, but I have problems with this game that aren't shared as a whole by others. I'll have to be mindful of my own tastes in the future. I guess I could start this other guy that my Aunt bought for me on a whim. "Tenchu: Stealth Assassins".

*Fast Forward*

Yeah baby!!!! Every level, both characters, for all three scenarios per level done! Master Ninja on every one! Tenchu was I guess what I was hoping for in Metal Gear. I'm not really into the story Kojima crafted. It's kinda cluttered. I really just want bad ass ninjas lobbing heads off. I'm never going to get bored of these games!


My sister and I have finished dinner. We usually watch T.V. with our parents before bed, but we were asked to sit in the living room and wait. We both stare at a blank T.V. screen and think, "We're probably in trouble for something." My dad comes out carrying a mostly black box with a red hue to it. The box has objects on it that help my young brain flesh out the details. An electronic gray box, two controllers, a two in one game cartridge and something the company refers to as a zapper.

*Ever get that feeling when you close your eyes for a brief second? When you open them...*

I think my Aunt's getting a little mad at me lately. In the time frame in which I've borrowed Final Fantasy 6 from my friend, I've probably let her play the SNES maybe a cumulative couple hours. I on the other hand have logged 50+ hours. I'm just really into this set of characters. This battle system isn't anything new to me, cause I've played the other ones, but the Esper system is a great addition. I'm NEVER going to get bored of these games!

*Fast Forward*

What happened to Legacy of Kain? Yeah the first one wasn't perfect, but I really liked Soul Reaver. Why does it seem like I'm getting the same game over and over again? It really feels like they're phoning it in now. I know that's probably to not be true, because who develops a game for so long and actively tries to sabotage it in the process. Regardless, I've supported you from Playstation to the versions on Playstation 2 and Xbox. I think it has to end here. I'm not looking in the direction of anything that says "Legacy of Kain" anymore.


I've been bugging my parents lately. Pretty much anybody who does or doesn't ask. But this half year is my mission to acquire a Playstation with a copy of Final Fantasy VII and I'm doing it in the most obnoxious means ever. If I can pull this off, it'll be the first Final Fantasy that I've ever owned. I've borrowed every other copy from friends before. Final 1 on Nintendo and Finals 2 (4) & 3 (6) on Snes. But I'm also really excited that not giving it back means that I can explore and get as detail oriented as I want. No more trying to squeeze in all I can before I hear, "Hey man, can you finish up that game soon so I can lend it to Chris?"

*... You've somehow missed a large portion of time? That you fell asleep for a while?*

I can play Mario Bros without really paying attention now. I can pull trick shots from across the room in duck hunt. I'm getting a little bored with the new gray box. My parents are too, because they play after we go to bed at night. They're looking to purchase something else, so they pick up the Legend of Zelda and borrowed Final Fantasy from some friends of theirs. These games are pretty complex, but I'm slowly starting to understand them. They certainly can't be dominated in a days work like the other games I have. Yet you can actually save your progress in these games. Cool. I'll keep my eyes on these.

*Fast Forward*

I have muscled my way through a few more of these Tenchu games, and I'm wondering if anybody is buying them or renting them anymore. I think somebody at Acquire wants these titles to fail, because any competent developer would see the goldmine they're sitting on and take some time to make a unique stealth game. I don't buy that stealth games are dead, Metal Gear is still going, and people still fondly talk about playing Thief. I Hear that the next one won't even be Activision published. Wonder if the change in publisher will affect anything as a whole. Oh well, I guess it's time to make my exit if I don't see anything promising coming down the horn. I'm not looking in the direction of anything that says "Tenchu" anymore.

*Fast Forward*

I'm not getting where it all went wrong. I guess I enjoyed playing the PS2 Final Fantasy games. 10 was good, and 12 took a couple attempts, but it was overall okay. But they don't stand out in my mind as much as the PS1 titles do. Maybe it's games in years recently like Oblivion, Fallout, Mass Effect and Dragon Age that are making me reevaluate what I look for most in an RPG. Maybe I'm more concerned now about "Playing the Role in a Game" then having to play through the drawl game play mechanics in something like 13 to act as an excuse to see the next overly extravagant video. I don't understand what's so appealing to SquareEnix about the magical futuristic fantasy story that they've re-crafted over and over again since VI/VII, but this aesthetic choice is weighing in on me now. Wait, maybe subconsciously I'm thinking about ending it here? Maybe I consider this game, part of one of the longest running, most played and deeply followed franchises in my time of gaming as it's inevitable swan song? Well if I find nothing about 15 to be really redeeming, I might be inclined to never look in the direction of anything that says....


I GOT ONE!? I can't believe I got one! All the comments about how expensive it is, and all the remarks about how I'd probably grow out of it in a years time. And they still bought me a Playstation for Christmas! And I got Final Fantasy VII, Parappa the Rapper and Intelligent Qube. All fun, but I'm sure I'll just dabble with the other two. I got Final Fantasy VII now. I just know, no, I just FEEL that this is going to be an amazing ride. I know this, cause I'M NEVER GOING TO GET BORED OF THESE GAaaamkoaweifhnag..............

*Pull the cassette out of the player to find it's been eaten*

Thanks for reading :)

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